Black & Gold

Up until recently I had always been more of a silver girl. For some reason I used to reserve gold for older women and Italian men – silver just felt more dainty, younger.I don’t know what changed exactly, but I now find myself gravitating towards gold way more frequently. I think it actually might have something to do with this picture of Miranda Kerr in Michael Kors:

Miranda Kerr in Michael Kors

This picture actually comes from an article I read that I’ll probably blog about later (I KNOW THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING YOU). I first came across it over two years ago now but still can’t get this black and gold combination out of my head. The cuffs, the belt, the cutouts – so wonderful.

Read on for few of my recent black and gold obsessions.

Michael Kors iPad Clutch. I just bought this and it is AMAZING. The stand works great, it looks professional, and there are even little slots for credit cards if you’re looking to travel a bit lighter.
Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Slim Zip Around. The best part of this wallet is that I can actually zip my phone inside and use it as a clutch!
Cara Delevingne’s studded Burberry Met Ball dress. Clearly this is a wish list item.
Balenciaga cutout boots. More of a piece of art than something I would have in my wardrobe – although if someone gives me a pair I would gladly take them.

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