How to Eat Like Marc Jacobs

If you know me at all (which you may not), you know that I LOVE health, fitness, and all things food. I love green juice, I eat chia seeds daily, and I have a whole folder dedicated to healthy living blogs on my laptop. But the one thing I find more fascinating than anything else is how the rich, famous, and fabulous live, eat, and exercise.

So you can imagine my excitement when I came across THIS article from DuJour about Marc Jacobs’ private chef. Not only does it provide a wonderful look into how he lives, but there are some wonderful tidbits about how he keeps that physique in such great shape. (For those of you who don’t know, he used to be really heavy/unhealthy and some years ago now completely revamped his lifestyle.)

Marc and his boyfriend on the beach.

Read some of my favorite excerpts about Marc Jacobs’ lifestyle via his private chef Lauren Gerrie after the jump!

What Marc eats:

He’s a really healthy eater—everybody knows that at this point—but he eats oatmeal for breakfast. I make Irish raw oats with honey and cinnamon, very simple, and he’s a big red meat eater. He eats a lot of filet mignon, a lot of hamburgers, chicken. I make pasta and homemade pasta sauces, marinara sauce or different olive oils. He doesn’t eat a lot of acidic foods, so like tomatoes on a small ratio.

How Marc snacks:

There’s always a lot of almonds—chocolate-covered almonds, regular-covered almonds—and a lot of nuts. Always cookies. I make his favorite cookie—a homemade almond butter cookie with spelt flour—and I’ve become known for these cookies. He really loves almond butter, and so I adapted a snicker doodle recipe and used fresh-churned almond butter, which I get at Whole Foods or at Lifetime Market. The carrot cake—he loves having carrot cake. He loves sweets.

Marc’s healthy secrets:

Marc has wheat grass everyday…  I usually get him this thing called the Fourteen Hour­­—which is maca and fresh-pressed apple juice—he’ll have that in the afternoon instead of coffee… Around show time he gets really, really run down and so I keep him on something called a Volcano—it’s lemon or lime juice, ginger, cayenne, and oil of oregano—it’s really good for your immune system and keeps him energized so that he won’t get sick.

Time to hit the juicer!


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