Miso Soup

As I mentioned in my last post, I love food and I love to eat – but I also really love to cook! And I’ve been a little sad that lately I haven’t been spending as much time in the kitchen. Aside from grilling here or there and making the odd smoothie or dip in the Vitamix, I’ve really been pretty boring. When my parents were here my mom did a deep clean of our fridge/pantry (she’s the best) and I was feeling inspired to make some more time to actually use our stove and oven.

So I made miso soup from scratch for the fist time yesterday! I bought bonito flakes and various seaweeds a while ago and just never got around to it. I used THIS recipe for the soup and THIS recipe for the dashi (base) – both are from Alton Brown and anything from Alton Brown is a-okay with me (if you don’t know Alton Brown, you can get a pretty good feel for his show below).

More after the jump!

I bought sweet white since the boy tends to like less strong flavors, but I would like to try this again with a bolder miso . The light is not the best in our small kitchen, but I managed to snag a few pictures throughout the process anyway.

green onion
Chopping up the green onion on a surprisingly not strategically selected green cutting board.
bonito flakes
While bonito flakes impart a wonderful flavor to the miso soup, they definitely smell just about as good as they look here.
miso to dashi
Making the miso mixture to add back into the dashi.
We had an actual sit-down dinner! Japanese steak with “yum yum” sauce and a bottle of wine were nice additions to the miso soup.

Over all, great recipe! I would definitely recommend it. As you can see in the last picture, aside from the mood lighting, we also added a soy sauce marinated steak at the last minute with some Japanese white sauce, or “yum yum” sauce. I was going to make a half batch and then accidentally added in the full measure of paprika, so I have a feeling our dinners will include lots of “yum yum” for the rest of the week. You can find that recipe HERE (although I used Vegenaise since it’s easier on my stomach).


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