The Art of Face Washing

Washing your face seems like such a mundane task – until you actually start thinking about it. How long should I cleanse? In what motions? Do I wash my neck? What do I do after that? I’d always wondered if I was doing enough and if I was doing it the correct way, what ever “it” was.

That is until I found the below video on Into The Gloss from Isabelle Bellis. Watch below for the expert’s tips first on how to cleanse, and second on how to moisturize. When I’m not using my Clarisonic – which I highly recommend – I try to use as many tips from Isabelle as possible (except I do wash my face in the morning and I feel like the water where I live is very clean, so no fancy thermal water here).

My favorite tips are after the videos, but make sure to watch them so you can see her very important hand movements.

Read more for part deux!

For a quick intermission, I wanted to point out the book Parisian Chic by Ines de la Fressange that is shown in the first video. IT’S AMAZING BUY IT! Maybe I’ll do a post on it down the road…

How to Cleanse:

  • No matter what cleanser you use, how you apply it makes a huge difference.
  • Use 1-2 drops and liquify the product in your hands first.
  • Use rapid circular motions (“swim” around your eyes) and don’t forget your neck!
  • Dab dry – never rub.
  • Apply a toner to prepare your skin to receive moisturizer.

How to Moisturize:

  • Use an oil, cream, or both mixed together depending on your skin type.
  • Place a dab on your neck, forehead, chin, and each cheek.
  • Apply moisturizer in an upward motion on your neck.
  • Move from inside to outside on your face to aid lymph drainage.
  • Tap little taps all over your face, then gently press, to help your skin accept the product.
  • Dab eye cream with your finger at the corner of your eye and under your eye – apply any extra around your lips.
  • VERY lightly massage the eye cream in a circular motion.

And there you go! The simple yet complicated process for correctly cleansing and moisturizing your face.


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