New York, New York

It has been a whirlwind of a couple weeks! In the midst of putting on this huge event in my department I was incredibly lucky to have attended the Sports Business Journal’s Game Changers conference, an event for women in sports. Not only did I get to know our Chief Marketing Officer, General Counsel, Chief of Operational Excellence (which is such a cool title), and Director of Training Sites and Partnerships better (such a crazy opportunity… and all those powerful people are women by the way), but I also met some of the other amazing women who were in attendance. One of our very own even won an award!

photo 1_2
Enjoying a croissant with apricot preserves and reading the Style section of the paper.

Read on for more highlights from my trip!

For the first few days of my adventure I stayed with my Aunt and Uncle in New Canaan. I hadn’t seen them in a while, so it was really nice to catch up. Plus, they live this incredible life where they have fresh fruit and croissants with preserves every morning while reading the newspaper, cook food from the farmer’s market every evening with a bottle of wine, and do dinner and a movie every Friday. It is amazing and I always feel so pampered when I go to visit.

photo 3_2
Light glittering through the glass door in the living room.

Since we live in an apartment, it’s sometimes nice to relax in the privacy of a home. Especially their home, where everything is so pristine inside and wooded and private outside. It’s like a little sanctuary. I read either on the balcony or in the living room with the light pouring in and it was so relaxing.

photo 1
Me walking up the main concourse.

The first stop on the trip was the US Open! I have only been to one other big tennis tournament (and grew up around/playing tennis), so it was really exciting for me to even just walk around the grounds. I was there primarily to meet the USTA’s diversity people, but watching tennis was nice too 😉

photo 2
We had BEAUTIFUL weather! 70 and sunny.
photo 3
View from one of Arthur Ash’s decks.
photo 2_2
Grey Goose Pomegranate L’Orange Frozen Martini. So ridiculously expensive, but also so ridiculously refreshing and tasty. Highly recommended.

After the US Open, I spent some more time with my family over the weekend, and then headed into the city for more work. It was fun because there was so much going on with Fashion Week. The people watching was amazing! I should have taken more picture at Lincoln Center but was honestly just very intimidated by all of the bloggers with fancy Canons that I chickened out and ended up just sitting under the trees and watching.

Monday evening I went over to the NY Fencers Club, one of our Community Olympic Development Partners, and met the owner and said hello to one of their other staff members who I had met at a conference. I have fallen kind of in love with fencing, it’s such a cool sport. And I’m finally going to get to try it at our event in October which is super exciting! Afterwards we went out to dinner at this awesome Moroccan restaurant followed by this cute little bar called the Bourgeois Pig where we had champagne and fondue. One of my friends from when I worked at a modeling agency stopped by between her events which was nice, we hadn’t talked in a while. She invited me to their Fashion Week party that I would later go to and it was SO fun and there were so many beautiful/cool/hip people and an open bar and it was glorious.

Of course after that, the conference. Aside from chatting with/getting to know some very interesting people, the highlight of the event was Indra Nooyi’s talk. She is the CEO of Pepsico and is an absolutely amazing speaker. I definitely learned a lot about public speaking.

Overall it was a great trip! Lots of learning, lots of meeting new people, and lots of pushing my comfort zone which as we all know from Eleanor Roosevelt is a good thing. I just wish I’d taken more pictures! I have another trip coming up in about two weeks that should be equally interesting (although more busy, so I’m not sure picture taking will be in the cards), so I guess more stories to come!


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