Where to Eat: Sonterra Grill, Colorado Springs

Another oldie but goodie restaurant recommendation – Sonterra Grill in Colorado Springs!

Since I work right across the street from Sonterra Grill – and because Josh (my fiance) and I love anything Mexican inspired – I have to  feature this sustainable, locally owned “innovative Southwest grill.” Here are a few of our favorite dishes. (Although please note these do often change as their menu is semi-seasonal)

– Grilled Steak Fajitas: This dish is a staple item for Josh and me. One of my pet peeves with fajitas is crunchy veggies. You will find none of that here! The sweet onions and peppers are cooked perfectly – not burnt, but browned to crispy goodness. Stuff as much meat and veggies as you’d like into fluffy flour tortillas and top with cheese, lettuce, house made guac, and a touch of sour cream. So good.

– House Salad: I know you’re probably thinking, “What? They pick the boring house salad?” But you’re wrong! There’s nothing boring about this baby. Fresh mixed greens topped with blue cheese crumbles, crispy green apples, sweet dried cranberries, and candied pecans. But the best part may be the Maple Vinaigrette. Not too sweet with just the right amount of tang, I’m not normally a dressing gal but I could drink this stuff!

– Green Chile Pork Enchiladas: One of the most important parts of any Southwestern restaurant is the quality of their chile – and Sonterra Grill has a good one! Spicy but manageable for those who enjoy a little less tongue burning, Sonterra always uses the perfect amount of their green goodness: enough to sop up the remains with a tortilla, but not too much as to turn your plate into a mushy mess.

Here is a link to Sonterra’s Dinner Menu. If you like Sonterra, make sure to check out the other two restaurants in the Rocky Mountain Restaurant Group family, Salsa Brava and Slayton’s Tejon Street Grill.


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