Best Protein Powders

Between my life as a DI athlete, working at a top modeling agency, and being just an all around health nut who loves smoothies, I’ve had quite the relationship with protein powders. From whipping up an elaborate green smoothie in my Vitamix to get me through a morning of meetings to shaking up a basic blend of water and powder in my Blender Bottle when there is no time for lunch, from eating clean to slim down after too many indulgences to upping my protein intake to improve strength and performance, I’ve made shakes for what seems like every purpose.

These days I live a life of moderation. With no big competitions to prepare for, I’m focused on eating to be healthy and happy. These are my favorite feel-good-taste-good protein powders!

1. Vega One – Berry

I love Vega One because it is the most delicious, plant-based, nutrient packed protein powder out there. Plus, because it is free from dairy, gluten, and soy, and contains no added sugar, artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners, it’s great for a variety of diets. Aside from the berry, the Vanilla and Chocolate are great too, however personally I find the Chai a little overwhelming for they types of shakes I normally make.

Vega One in Berry
Vega One in Berry


2. tera’swhey – Bourbon Vanilla

The best part about this protein powder is that it sweetened with stevia! I think this is probably the best tasting protein powder, but it doesn’t have all the extras built in like Vega One does. All of the flavors are amazing, but Bourbon Vanilla is a great base for almost every kind of shake. It also comes in rBGH free and goat varieties depending on what you’re looking for.

tera'swhey in Bourbon Vanilla
tera’swhey in Bourbon Vanilla


3. Jay Robb Protein Powder – Chocolate

This protein powder is super similar to the tera’swhey in that it also features the best ingredients, doesn’t have a lot of filler ingredients, and is sweetened with stevia. It actually has more protein and fewer carbs, which many people may prefer, but for me I’ve been trying to eat a little less protein so I’ve been going with tera’swhey over this one lately. The Chocolate flavor is the best according to my taste buds, but the Strawberry is pretty darn good too!

Jay Robb Why Protein in Chocolate
Jay Robb Why Protein in Chocolate


4. EAS AdvantEDGE Ready-To-Drink – French Vanilla

While this is the most processed and least organic of the bunch, I’ve been using EAS for years and I guess I just have a soft spot in my heart for the line of gym-rat-friendly products. Plus it’s DELICIOUS! Because this shake is already a liquid and doesn’t need to be refrigerated (although tastes better cold), these are great for when you’re on the go. The French Vanilla is glorious, but to be honest all of the flavors are wonderful.

EAS AdvantEDGE Ready-to-Drink in Vanilla
EAS AdvantEDGE Ready-to-Drink in Vanilla


I guess this means I should do a post on my favorite shake/juice recipes next…


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