Get Fit for Summer: Two Week Challenge

Guys! Summer is in exactly two weeks! Can you believe it? It seriously feels like just yesterday I was scraping the ice off of my windshield. But with lots of life changes happening in our household, I’ve uncharacteristically let some of my health and fitness goals fall by the wayside. So I thought, what better way to head into summer than to embark on a two week get fit challenge!

Justin Gelband client Candice Swanepoel

While I was working in fashion a few years ago, I was always so impressed with the approach the models took in regard to their diet and exercise routines. Yes, some were healthier than others, but there is a general misconception that these girls aren’t treating their bodies right. The vast majority of the top models I was working with had clear skin, shiny hair, and long, lean muscles because they listened to their bodies and worked with the best trainers and nutritionists in the world.

As a former DI collegiate athlete, I’ve always been intrigued by this type of training. I’m used to hard workouts as a way of achieving a certain performance goal. Jump higher, run faster, but never to necessarily sculpt my body in a certain way. Even now, several years removed from competitive athletics, it’s hard for me to go to the gym and workout moderately. And to be honest it’s also a struggle sometimes to remember that I can’t eat the way I used to when I was following two hours of lifting in the morning with a four hour technical track practice of a jump, throw, and sprint workout in the evening. After Saturday morning practice, my teammates and I would go to one of the dining halls for brunch where I would regularly eat waffles, eggs benedict, and maybe a donut or two in one sitting. It’s actually kind of impressive when I look back on it…

The point is, I’ve always wanted to try strictly eating and training like some of the models I would often see roaming through the agency. And what better time to try than now! Will my skin be softer? Will my mind be clearer? Will I suddenly look like Gisele? Eh, probably not, but in lieu of having any personal records to best, trying to eat and train like a top model for two weeks actually sounds like a fun goal! No really, it does (I’m weird I know).

On to the plan…

I posted about this article and featured this picture quite a few posts ago – I promised I would come back to it eventually!

A few years ago I came across this article from Harper’s Bazaar that outlined how top model trainer Justin Gelband  gets his girls in shape (which I hinted to in my post from a while ago) as well as this article that calls him the “Model Whisperer.” Sounds like a pretty good place to start. Also, he happens to be Kate Upton’s trainer, who has been oft touted for her curves and for bringing a breath of fresh air to the industry. In another article, Gelband says:

Get the best body for you, and don’t worry about what others are doing.

Why yes, that is exactly the type of things I’m looking for. Sounds counterintuitive since I’m essentially copying models’ diet and workout routines, but while I may be a copycat in one sense, the end goal is to see what the best version of myself looks like.


The best thing to do is to work on your nutrition, eat proper foods, get the proper nutrients and minerals and vitamins in your body and then at the same time, exercise properly. If you do that you’re not only going to feel good mentally but physically as well. – Justin Gelband

Here is what Gelband prescribes for a two week shape up:

  • No sugar (except for berries)
  • No salt
  • No alcohol
  • Limit carbs (any carbs from veggies, plus brown rice/Ezekiel bread no more than 2x/wk)


I’m about always changing direction, changing exercises, keeping the girls moving… Everything is about lengthening and strengthening, being lean and fit, because these women can’t afford to bulk up. – Justin Gelband

  • 30min cardio intervals every day
  • Pilates, yoga, or kickboxing type workouts several times per week
  • Use light resistance bands and 2lb ankle weights

Not too bad, eh? I’ll post workouts, recipes, and thoughts about the plan over these next two weeks. Now who’s with me?!


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