Design I Love: Blanc Denver

The other day while researching wedding venues I came across Blanc Denver – and fell in love. Located right smack dab in the heart of Denver on Walnut between 31st and 32nd, the space somehow manages to be chic, modern, industrial, and elegant all at the same time.

Wedding Table
You can’t go wrong with these pops of pink.

Not only am I drooling over this space for our summer wedding venue next year, but am already thinking of all the events that would be perfect to host here…. (ore beautiful pictures after the jump!

Because the space really is a “blanc” slate, adding, say, soft pastel peonies and cream colored linens for a daytime bridal shower would give the white washed walls and exposed brick a completely different feel than hosting an after-hours birthday party with black linens and heavy chrome accents – with DJ and dance floor of course.

Miscellaneous porcelain elk/deer/antelope heads with purple uplighting? I don’t know why this works, but it does.

Plus, I haven’t even mentioned the outdoor patio area. I think Blanc’s website describes it best with this line:

The exterior space is completely unexpected for this urban venue. An almost bucolic atmosphere hints at Nantucket, with a private drive that separates the main venue from a rustic barn, which can be used as a separate venue or added to the main space.

Now the only question is when can I recreate these gorgeous pictures below.

Gorgeous Denver Wedding at Blanc
Low-key elegance. Just my style.
Wedding Aisle
I’m really digging the mismatched chairs here. Although we may need a few more – my fiancé’s immediate family alone needs 15!

All pictures in this post are from Blanc’s gallery – but hopefully I’ll be able to stop by and snap some of my own one of these days!


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