Where to Drink: Forest Room 5

Forest Room 5 started off as a recommendation from an old, super hip friend (who is also a very talented graphic designer) for a venue for an event I’m planning, but  has quite possibly also become my go-to place to take friends, family, and any out-of-towners.

Melontonin & Truffle Fries
Melontonin and Truffle Fries. Ridiculously delicious.

Located in trendy LoHi at 2532 15th St. in Denver, I had originally though it might be too hip a space for the mixed demographics networking event, but after hearing and reading such great things I was determined to check it out anyway. Armed with my trusty scouting group (mom, dad, fiance), we scooted our way inside and I immediately knew that at the very least I had found one of my new favorite places in Denver.

Take a look….

When we first walked in, we were presented with this magical view of the bar. Stumps for stools, ridiculously unrealistic mounted animal heads, and super cool lighting. We were immediately greeted by a hostess and were told to sit anywhere – and while the interior is super cool, how could you not decided to sit outside in the “forest” at a place called Forest Room 5? So we made our way through the slightly Wes Anderson-esque bar to the outdoor patio (fun fact: we also discovered one of our favorite friends from high school also works there! Small world).

While we were visiting right upon opening at 4pm, I can see how this place would be packed each each night and after work.

We picked a little table in the corner of the “forest” and hunkered down with our happy hour menus in hand. We were promptly brought a pitcher of basil-grape infused water (AMAZING) to sip on while we made our choices. I went with the “Melontonin,” my finace Josh with the “Frontier Manhattan,” and my dad with the “Mystical Margarita.” My mom opted for the Herbed Truffled French Fries (as seen above) which was thankfully big enough for all of us to share. I can safely say that the Happy Hour is a great deal and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a strong, tasty drink with unique flavors and some food to share with friends.

Animal Mural
My view from the table.
Happy Hour Menu.
Happy Hour Menu. We sampled the Mystical Margarita, Frontier Manhattan, and the Melontonin – all delicious, all strong.

We spent almost two hours just hanging out and chatting under the canopy of trees and bushes, enjoying our libations and listening to the sound of the babbling “brook” that runs through the center of the “forest.” We did move inside at one point due to that good old 4pm Colorado rainstorm, but can say that the window seat we occupied inside was just as enjoyable.

Table for Two
A cozy table for two out on the patio.
Scenery Greenery
Josh enjoying the scenery. Cameo by Basil-Grape Water.

The verdict: we ALL loved Forest Room 5 and will definitely be going back. I wish I had taken some more pictures inside – especially of the great private event space that I am still considering – but will just have to make sure to document our next adventures there, as they will surely be happening more frequently once we move closer in a week (EEK!).


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