Wear Your Outdoor Voice

If you’re looking for an active wear line that says “I don’t sweat, I glow” or “I just cold pressed some kale,” Outdoor Voices is the clothing line for you – and I mean that in absolutely the best way possible.

Splintered Ash Grey Athena Crop Top, anyone?
Splintered Ash Grey Athena Crop Top, anyone?

While I would never, ever choose to wear “Splintered Ash Grey” leggings to spin class, I would 100% wear them while during my morning gratitude journal/meditation/light yoga routine. And you can bet your Barry’s Bootcamp membership that I would find every way possible to wear the “Catch Me If You Can” hoodie – to do chores, to wear to work under a blazer, to wear out at night under a leather jacket… You get the point.

I think we all know what these would look like after a trip to SoulCycle. But boy, I’d rock this outfit while walking the dog or buying a green juice from Whole Foods!
I can practically feel the soft cotton through my screen.

While they’re just launching in NYC and Austin at the moment, I’m really hoping that Colorado’s active yet trendy population will be enough to eventually draw the brand here – especially because Outdoor Voices founder Tyler Haney grew up in and drew inspiration from Boulder. I guess this is me using my outdoor voice to say I WANT TO TRY ME SOME RUNNING WOMAN SWEATS!

PS. OV also has a pretty great blog and Instagram!


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