Joan Small’s Personal Trainer

This is hands down one of my favorite editorials of late! One, it features the amazingly gorgeous Joan Smalls. Two, it just reminded me that I should probably start working out again (especially since my last Instagram post is of ice cream and beer).

Interested in how Joan gets those killer legs? So was I after seeing this Industrie Mag spread, so I did some digging around for what her trainer Marc Gordon prescribes!


In this Harper’s Bazaar article from 2012 Joan talks about her fitness routine. Here are for some tips for staying active like Joan:

  1. Body weight strength training
  2. Interval exercises and cardio
    • One W article features Vanessa Lawrence, a writer from W who is on a mission to get “semi-washboard abs” and enlists Marc Gordon to help. She says that she:
      • Had 5, 1 hour sessions with Gordon
      • Followed each session with 30min cardio
      • Ran 9 miles each Sunday
    • Watch this video of Joan working out for ideas and motivation
  3. Targeted exercises for abs and buns


Well, here’s where Joan’s great genes come in – she doesn’t diet! She says:

I do not diet. If I have a swimwear shoot, I just go to the gym everyday for an hour.

However, for those of us who are not super models, a little bit more attention to food is necessary. Vanessa (from W) states that “nutrition is paramount to seeing any results.” Here’s what Marc’s  go-to nutritionist Ashley Koff RD told Vanessa to do in order to see some ab action.

  1. No:
    • sugar
    • processed flour
    • sodium
    • alcohol
  2. Limit dairy
  3. Avoid carbs
  4. Add a green juice daily

It was also advised that Vanessa switch to “purees and liquids only” two days before she needed to look her best. Not obviously an everyday tip, but if you’re trying to look your best for the beach or a reunion, it might be worth the effort! (But obviously always make sure to still get enough calories.)

Of course, everyone is completely different and what works for Joan might not work for you! You should always talk to your doctor before starting any diet or exercise regimen to make sure it is safe for you.


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