“The” Levo League: A Walk Down Memory Lane

Back in April of 2012, I posted this blog post on my company’s site – and seeing how over two years later Levo is now launching in Denver, I thought it was appropriate to share it again here on my personal blog as well. I think the best part is how Levo has “Facebook-ized” it’s branding, going from “The Levo League” to “Levo League,” and often just “Levo.” I am so happy that this incredible community has been able to thrive!

So here we go…

As a young female entrepreneur, I know how hard to can be to find resources for professional growth – heck, it’s hard for anybody! Whether you have an internship, a position at a corporation, or own your own business, starting any new journey in your career can be difficult. Everything from what to wear to how to interact with both your peers and superiors seems like a huge challenge! What resources are there for navigating this strange new world? In the past we didn’t have many resources.

Now, there is The Levo League.

The Levo League

While in college I was blessed to get to know the girls of the Ghosn family. The eldest, Caroline, started a website with friend Amanda Pouchot not to long ago to provide, as they say, “All the tools to “elevate to exec”: career content, community, and very soon a host of new features to amplify your success.” Once just a dream, the site has now taken off and offers an amazing array of help services for those young women looking to “stand up for what you deserve professionally and to embrace the strength and elegance that comes with being you in the workplace.”

Levo League Co-Founders Amanda Pouchot and Caroline Ghosn
Levo League Co-Founders Amanda Pouchot and Caroline Ghosn

I recently took part in one of their “Office Hours” – a series of live video chats with different (and incredibly impressive) professional women. This time it was Office Hours with Soraya Darabi, Co-Founder of Foodspotting and the former social media manager at The New York Times. And it. Was. AWESOME!

Where else can you directly ask questions to some of the world’s leading women professionals? I loved how the session was very personal and informal. It was almost as if Soraya was sitting in my living room with a few of my friends, just giving us advice and truly wanting to be of help. The experience was very motivating – hence my return to this here blog – as well as inspirational. Josh and I now have many new ideas for Buttercup’s! I will definitely be attending as many of these virtual sessions as possible.

However, as I mentioned before, not only does The Levo League have these Office Hours, but the provide help and advice via emails, their amazing Pinterest boards, a recently launched job database, and much more. Advice topics range from how to stay motivated to what to wear to a business lunch, from getting ahead to what to do when you fall behind. Not only have I found help for issues for which I needed help, but I also found a myriad of tips and tricks to elevate aspects of my life I hadn’t even previously considered!

The original picture didn’t even exist anymore! So here’s a recent sample of Levo Pinterest posts.

All the women working on this fabulous website have done an incredible job. If you are a young, female professional looking to “elevate to exec” and “become your best self,” then I highly recommend you check out  The Levo League.


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