Fashion Flashback: “Frock & Roll” ft. Jack White & Karen Elson

As you might be able to tell from the first Music Monday, Josh and my recent Red Rock’s Jack White concert has somewhat elevated my mild obsession with the man and his music. Yes, he’s an incredibly talented musician that I would be happy to see live anytime, anywhere, but the recent rain-soaked, lightning-lit, blue-tinted jam sesh was the epitome of rock and roll. Two weeks later I’m still feeling inspired.




Then I remembered a story Vogue did on Jack and his then wife (and mother of his two children) Karen Elson that was shot back in 2010 by Annie Leibovitz. I don’t really have much more to say (the images speak for themselves) except to make sure to hop over to Vogue to read the article and check out some of the mesmerizing shots after the jump!

For the rest of the pictures, take a look at this Style Frizz article.


One thought on “Fashion Flashback: “Frock & Roll” ft. Jack White & Karen Elson

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