Basic Kneads Pizza

Whoa – September FLEW by! How did that happen? Between my new job, Josh’s crazy startup life, two Red Rocks concerts, and a visit from a college buddy, I’ve barely had time to relax, let alone blog. But that’s no excuse! I’m back on the blogging wagon.

First up for October – our tasting of Basic Kneads Pizza! We’re getting married at this super hip recently refurbished theater in Highlands called the Holiday Event Center, and to go with our slightly non-traditional venue we’ve decided to go with a food truck for our catering! Over the weekend we headed out to Station 26 Brewing Co. (congrats to S26BC on winning Bronze at the Great American Beer Festival this weekend for their Colorado Cream brew – which we picked up a growler of – also make sure to try the Sweet Potato Pie Porter) and hit up one of Basic Kneads’ four trucks/trailers.

Basic Kneads Pizza Truck
Basic Kneads Truck at Station 26 Brewing Co.

The guys at the truck were super friendly, which is a huge plus when deciding if you want to have a particular caterer at your wedding. Josh and I knew that their laid-back, cool attitudes would be a perfect fit for the venue. But was the pizza good?

Click through to find out!

Pizza Tasting from Basic Kneads
Wiseguy, Thai Chili Chicken, and Hot Hawaiian Pizza with Pepperoni Pizzas from Basic Kneads

YES! OMG YES! The pizzas were amazing! We picked three different pies to taste:

  1. Wiseguy: Roasted onions, olive oil, cheese, sausage, rosemary
  2. Thai Chili Chicken: Thai chili sauce, cheese, chicken, cilantro, green onions
  3. Hot Hawaiian w/ Pepperoni: Red sauce, cheese, pineapple, jalapeños, pepperoni

All three of the pizzas had an amazing hand tossed whole wheat crust that was perfectly thin and browned and soft and crunchy in all the right places along with the perfect blend of mozzarella and parmesan cheeses. While they were all amazing – the sausage on the Wiseguy was delicious and the combination of flavors on the Hot Hawaiian was out of this world – we fell in love with the Thai Chili Chicken. There was just something about the sweet and spiciness of the Thai chili sauce underneath the gooey cheese that I’m still dreaming about…


Wiseguy Pizza from Basic Kneads
The sausagey, cheesy perfection of the Wiseguy. One slice may be missing a bite…

Overall 10/10 would highly recommend! The amazingness of the pizza coupled with the service that Basic Kneads provides during catering I think is a really good fit for us. All we need is to add their salad, a couple appetizer platters, and an open bar and food/beverage is good to go for our wedding next June!


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