Austin City Limits 2014: Day One

Hello from Austin! Or do I saw howdy? From what I’ve gathered so far it doesn’t seem like much of a howdy/ya’ll saying kind of town. Anyway, Josh and I are out here with my parents for Austin City Limits! My dad does work with Floyd’s 99 Barber Shop out here in Texas and they’re sponsoring the festival so we decided this was the best time to finally make the trek (also if you haven’t been to a Floyd’s – men or women – we have had universally awesome experiences with them from California to Colorado to Austin).

Josh and I got up at 3:30am Friday morning for a 6am flight so that we could get in on time, get ready, and get to watching some music. After sleeping almost entire duration of the flight I was surprisingly awake and ready to go upon landing, so after taking a quick shower, we decided to head to lunch before heading to Zilker Park. Based on a suggestion from a local, we hit up Noble Sandwich Co.

And it was SO worth it! After waiting in line for about 20min and by some stroke of luck getting four seats at one of the crowded community-style tables, we were brought our three masterpieces by an incredibly friendly, hip server. The house smoked meats, house baked bread, and house crafted sauces did not disappoint.

Our choices (all highly recommended):

  • Knuckle Sandwich – Roast Beef, Horseradish, Onions, & Cheddar
  • Turkey Chop – Red Onion, Cucumber, Fresh Herbs, & Lemon-Coriander Vinaigrette
  • Pecan Smoked Beef Brisket – Kimchi, White Onion, & Sambal Mayo

We also got sides of Jalapeño Slaw and Country Potato Salad. Everything was delicious, but if I were to get one thing it would be the Knuckle Sandwich.

Noble Sandwiches
Noble Sandwiches

We also couldn’t pass up on the Chocolate Bacon Tarts. Do I even really need to tell you how delicious these were?

Chocolate Bacon Tarts from Noble Sandwiches
Chocolate Bacon Tarts from Noble Sandwiches

Fat and happy, it was finally time to head to ACL! My dad dropped us off at the back path into the festival before heading to park the car and meet us there. After walking for about 5 minutes OMG IT WAS SO HOT! Being from Colorado I am not at all used to the humidity, and at about 90 degrees, we were all dying. Once I just embraced that I was going to be ridiculously sweaty and sticky (attractive) it was fine, but all I can say is that I suddenly wasn’t mad that it was a bit windy at times.

Austin City Limits
Josh, Me, & the City of Austin

Here’s who we saw on Day One, Weekend Two:

Austin City Limits Essentials
Austin City Limits Essentials

On to Day Two!


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