Austin City Limits 2014: Day Two

Word of the Day: Mud. It rained all night and through the morning, so when we arrived at Zilker Park for Day Two of Austin City Limits there were pools of water everywhere. It was also this weird temperature where it was kind of chilly, but then when you started walking you’d get hot and the humidity would make you sweat a bit, which would then make you colder when you stopped for a break. Overall though, I had my trusty Sperry Saltwater Duck Boots so I couldn’t complain too much!

Mommy and Me
My mom and I about to enter Zilker Park!
Mud Puddle at ACL
One of many huge mud puddles.

Because of the weather – and honestly because we were tired from an extremely long day on Friday – we decided to head over a tad later and ended up arriving right around 2pm where we saw some of The Rosebuds, who were great! We ended up having VIP passes for Saturday and Sunday (!!!) which was AMAZING, so we meandered over to the “VIP Grove” where we had all sorts of free refreshments. And chairs. Most importantly there was a place to sit.

As I mentioned in my ACL Day One post, my dad works with Floyd’s 99 Barbershops, who was sponsoring part of the event, and they brought out their pretty dang sweet #BARBERBUS! So cool. They had a wheel you could spin to win everything from a high-five to products to a free hair cut. Josh ended up getting a haircut and I’m so glad he did because I think it’s my favorite cut he’s gotten yet!

Floyd's 99 #barberbus
Hanging out in the VIP Grove by the Floyd’s #barberbus. Yes, I look super creepy in this picture, but I was too lazy to crop myself out…

Bands we saw on Day Two:

tUnE-yArDs (man, I’m trying to keep the integrity of the name but those caps, man…) were pretty great. Super awesome performance art with really unique sounds. The show had a great energy, a very positive vibe. Plus “Water Fountain” had us saying “WOOHA WOOHA!” all day which was entertaining.

After tUnE-yArDs Josh, my dad, and I decided to wait it out for the next hour until Iggy Azalea went on since we were so close. My mom wasn’t so sure she wanted to deal with the pushing and screaming that inevitably would (and did) ensue, so she trekked off to see Interpol and ended up about 20 people from the front of the stage. We could only partially hear them from where we were, but from what she said it was one of her favorite show.

Interpol at ACL
My mom’s picture from Interpol. No zoom – she was right up there!

Personally, waiting for Iggy was well worth the wait. Despite nearly being trampled when the show started (everyone rushed to the front – I had no idea where the space magically came from but we moved up about another 20 yards), and then sweat on from several different directions, I do love me some Iggy. How could I pass up the opportunity to rap along to “Fancy?” Plus, part of the reason her set was good was because, one, it was unlike any other there with the choreographed moves and backup dancers, and two, because she has so many hits out right now where she is only featured on a verse, it was very fast paced and exciting. I kept wanting to hear what was next! My dad stuck it out through the madness and he even enjoyed it, so I guess that’s saying something (although he is the “cool dad”).

Iggy Azalea at ACL

And of course, we closed out the night with Eminem. INCREDIBLE! I never ever thought I would have a chance to see him perform live. “The Eminem Show” was one of the few CDs I personally bought as a kid (along with Spice Girls and Blink-182), and I listened to it over and over again, actually repeating songs until I knew all the words. The show was such a great representation of his career and his rapping was as flawless as ever. It had me skipping back out the gates, despite wanting to lay down and massage my tired feet.


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