The Solo Staycation

There is something so relaxing about being in a hotel room alone – if you do it right. I’ve come to really enjoy business trips for this very reason. So much, in fact, that I even decided to head up to the mountains for a 2 day retreat all by my lonesome when Josh couldn’t join. Technically a staycation involves staying in your own home and just doing super extra fun things, but since this was free and only an hour away, I’m going to count it. If you’re looking to relax, rejuvenate, and rediscover yourself, here’s the best way to take a solo staycation.

Olivia Palermo via Lifestyle Mirror

Also, yes. “Staycation” is a completely legitimate term as demonstrated by this Wikipedia page (right?!).

Anyway, to the videos, pics, and tips!

1. Get Introspective. Since there are no distractions, having some solitary time away from your daily routine can be the perfect way to really soul search. I’ve been taking advantage of a lot of MindValley’s resources lately and used some of my time to refine my goals and design my ideal life. The video above was SO helpful for me when I was really trying to set some more goals and decide what it is that really drives me. What is it that I really want to do/see/be? Letting Vishen help you dig into your soul and life purpose is the perfect way to get introspective.

2. Really Relax. Along the same lines as number one, since there are no dishes to clean, no beds to make, you’ll have more time available for “me time.” One of the best things you can – and should – do with that time is to meditate. Just a 10 minute session can do wonders for your physical and mental well-being. Above is a 20 minute guided meditation that ties in nicely to the achieving your goals piece I mentioned above – you can also access it from the Omvana app!

I’m totally into the Canyon Ranch Tucson idea. Not a staycation, but I think I could splurge…

3. Spa It Up. While I do like going to the hotel spa, I’ve got a wedding to plan! So I prefer to pamper myself in my own room. Take a bath, head to the steam room/sauna, paint my nails. Make time to do the things that make you feel really good and clean, but that you might not always have time for at home. I absolutely love reading in the bath while listening to a really good Spotify playlist. (PS did you hear Spotify is coming out with a family plan?) However, if you are looking to deviate from a staycation and want to really make an event of your “me time,” check out Travel + Leisure’s Best Spas in America list! I’m totally into the “Boot Camp” options – what does that say about me? #cantsitstill

Forrest Panarama
The view from my solo hike. Nothing but me and the crunchy snow. Breckenridge has some fantastic, yet convenient hikes!

4. Get Active. Personally, I feel best when I’m moving. When I’m in a new place I absolutely love to take a hike if I’m in nature (but make sure to always do a well-populated trail if alone and let people know where you’re going – safety first!) or spend hours walking around discovering the city. Sometimes I’ll even do some yoga in the room with YogaGlo, or if I’m staying somewhere really nice take advantage of the hotel’s exercise classes. One of my favorite trips was to Breckenridge one weekend when Josh had to work; I got up early, got in a nice long workout while watching the snow fall, then soaked in the hot tub and stretched in the steam room. So relaxing!

My attempt at sketching more.

5. Work On A Project. Yes! I said work! Sometimes when I get home at night I just don’t feel like working on any of my creative side projects – music, mostly – because I’m tired and it seems like such a chore. But when I’m in a different, new environment suddenly coming back to the room gets the creative juices flowing instead of stifling them. It may still be hard to get started, but usually once I do I find that I have new inspiration and can get into a rhythm. It is for this reason that I always make to to bring some kind of creative outlet with me wherever I go – journal, sketch book, my camera.

How do you spend your alone time? Have you ever done a solo staycation?


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