Spiced Bourbon, Beer, & Maple Martinis

The other day Josh was having a bit of a busy workday (as are a lot of his days) so to make him more comfortable when he came home (to continue working more) I wanted to make him some sort of delicious treat. I thought a nightcap would be nice, and while we have a decent amount of alcohols in the cupboard, we’re always a little short on mixers. We had beer, we had bourbon, and I had a pretty good feeling that I’d be able to find a recipe with these two different drinks.

Lo and behold – Giada came through! I present to you the Spiced Bourbon, Beer, and Maple Martini.

Spiced Bourbon, Beer, & Maple Martini
Spiced Bourbon, Beer, & Maple Martini

While the picture I did doesn’t quite do the drink justice, even I loved it. The maple syrup did an excellent job of blending the two strong bourbon and beer flavors together, while the nutmeg gives it that extra little nip at the end. I didn’t have any chilis to throw in unfortunately, but I did make a second one with some homemade bacon-infused bourbon that was equally delicious.

Click here for the recipe and let me know what you think!




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