Avoiding the Embarrassing Holiday Party Picture

The other day I attended my very first work holiday party, complete with copious amounts of delicious free food and drinks. Since it was my fiance’s company and not my own (although now that I think about it, my own might be more important…) I really wanted to make sure to keep my consumption in check – to be honest I’m not a huge drinker, but when the complementary margaritas and sangria are flowing and tequila shots are going around, it’s not always easy to stick to one or two. I didn’t want to be “that girl” and I definitely didn’t want to be the talk of the office every holiday season. “Hey, hey remember that time Lexie…” I was determined to avoid photographic evidence of any embarrassing holiday shenanigans.

This Vogue Italia story may have caught some heat for being controversial, but I think it makes a good point here... If this is what supermodels look like being a "haute" mess, you will not look half as good let's be real.
This Vogue Italia story may have caught some heat for being controversial, but I think it makes a good point here… If this is what supermodels look like being a “haute” mess, you will not look half as good let’s be real.

Here are a few tips to avoid that infamous embarrassing holiday party picture!

Holiday Party Looks from Into The Gloss

1. Pretty Up Your Face: It’s impossible to take a good picture if you’re not feeling good about yourself! Even if you’re not a makeup kind of girl, take some time to pamper yourself a bit and do the best version of your makeup – for me that means actually putting on some foundation and using a few different colors of eyeshadow. This doesn’t mean deck your face with green and red glitter (although I’m sure there’s a classy way to do that). Need some ideas? Try one of these looks from Into The Gloss HERE and HERE.

Valentino Jumpsuit
Throw on a statement necklace with this jumpsuit and it would be nearly impossible to take a bad picture. Flutter sleeve jumpsuit by Valentino.

2. Perfect Your Look: Same idea as above. Instead of just throwing something together last minute, take a peek through your closet and pick something out that you know you’re going to feel your best in. There’s nothing worse than showing up to an event not really feeling your outfit and having to take a million pictures that will haunt you for years. Vogue has a great 100-image slideshow with some great pieces to inspire you for your next holiday party – with ideas for your date too!

Pose Professionals

3. Learn to Pose: Ever accidentally taken a picture of yourself from an unflattering angle (like I do with my iPhone every other day)? If you have, you know exactly how positioning yourself in the right way can instantly make a picture look better. Even if you’ve had one too many, try to remember these tips from StyleCaster and you’ll be golden!

Tip: if you’re sitting or laying on something that isn’t meant for sitting or laying, it’s probably time to go home.

4. Lighten Up Your Liquor: While sipping a few drinks is definitely allowed – it is a party after all! – if you’re somewhere that involves people other than close friends and family try to keep it classy. Remember to ask yourself, “What would my grandma think?” Dancing with co-workers is fun, dancing on a table and accidentally flashing your co-workers is in fact the opposite of avoiding the embarrassing holiday party picture. And a hangover. And if you just can’t keep your hands off those free drinks? Check out these hangover cures from Harper’s Bazaar.

Happy Holiday Partying!

PS if you do have an embarrassing holiday party pic, send it my way 😉


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