ClassPass Review: Elixir Pilates

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Pilates is the top reason I got ClassPass and it has WAY been paying off. The specialized equipment and instructor training make classes pretty expensive (on average I see about $20-25 per single group session, $13-15 per group session if bought in a package, and $60-80 for an individual session) and it’s not always an affordable fitness option, especially when you also want to do spinning, kickboxing, yoga… But with ClassPass, at $99/month, I’ve already gotten my money’s worth. I’ll have to do a breakdown of the costs one of these days…

Anyway, moral of the story is that Pilates is awesome and so are all the studios I’ve been to so far (check out my Club Pilates review here). It’s been SO quiet at work that I scheduled a lunch time reformer class at Elixir Pilates yesterday afternoon to help break up the day. Since it is an off time, it was just me and one other regular taking class from the owner, Kathryn. Normally a duet session is $35, which is more than 1/3 of my total monthly ClassPass cost, so I was already feeling pretty good about my situation!


Elixir Pilates was fortunately one of the easier studios to find. One, it was day time, and two, it didn’t involve walking through any alleyways like a lot of the more urban studios (I love you, Pure Barre Highlands, but your entrance is confusing for first timers). The space was very clean, open, and inviting. It was boutique-y without feeling too small business (you know?) and had lots of natural light flooding through the large front windows.


We started off on a mat with a small VersaDisc placed under the back for a warm-up that consisted of slow back bend stretches, crunches, bridges, and leg lifts before moving onto the reformer. I’d say for maybe about 10min. It was definitely a nice lead-in to the workout after being sedentary most of the morning.


Once on the reformer, we first did a series of squats in various positions – legs hip distance, legs wide, turned in, turned out, on our toes, one leg lifted – as well as some calve raises. Like in most Pilates classes, I didn’t feel like I was working that hard, then all of a sudden my legs started shaking a little and I realized when I stood up that they felt a little like jelly. For lower body we also did a really nice hip flexor stretch with our knee on the slidey part (technical term there. I think it’s called the carriage?) and our hands on the bar.

For core, we stood up on the carriage (slidey part? Just go with it…) and did a series of pikes that really got into my shoulders, abs, and back, before moving on to upper body. This part I really liked because I felt like I was getting those itty bity muscles that don’t normally get worked. Sitting on the carriage, we first faced the bar and did some chest and shoulder press type exercises holding the straps then flipped around for bicep curls and rows. I was definitely feeling it by the end!

We finished by putting the box on the carriage (literally just a big 2ft high box) and did some back exercises, then got off the reformer and did a few cat-cow stretches. I’d say it was the most comprehensive class I’ve taken so far.

I loved it and will definitely be going back! I hope they keep that 12pm class as well, because Pilates is definitely a workout where more personalized instruction makes a big difference (maybe I shouldn’t have divulged my secret…). It’s not like Zumba where more is merrier! Maybe you’re not like me, but I’d rather be shaking it in a crowded room than hooting and hollering by myself…


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