New Beginnings: Goodbye 2014!

Whoa – where did 2014 go?! I don’t know about you, but this past year just flew by for me. After a rather tumultuous 2013, I was extremely happy that 2014 was miles and miles better, really than the past few years. While I can now look back on some of the trials and tribulations that myself, my friends, and my family faced and see all of the positives (mostly), I can’t say I’m not glad to have left al of that behind. It feels good to have truly shaken some of those monkeys off my back!

One of my favorite things about 2014 is that I made a bigger commitment to this here blog! I have always loved writing, and with my new job providing more free time than I’ve ever had in the past (meaning any free time at all), it has been a really wonderful creative outlet for me.

As a celebration of the success of this past year and in anticipation of more great things to come in 2015, here’s a top 10 countdown of my favorite things about 2014 in blog form!

Gratitude Journal

10. Starting a Gratitude Journal. I have successfully written something I am grateful for on every single page of the gratitude journal I bought last December. I remember picking it up in a somewhat depressed stated, being DETERMINED to make 2014 better than 2013. And gosh darn it, I think it worked!

Marie Claire Sugar

9. Cutting Back on Sugar. While I didn’t exactly quit sugar like I would have liked to, I have really cut back and no longer have super terrible cravings that make me head straight to the grocery store for glazed donuts. My mood is better, my skin is clearer, and I feel less lethargic. I definitely want to keep working on this one for 2015.


8. Reading More. Not only did I hit up the professional/personal development section, but I also even had time for some fiction! I used to read every night before bed and just kind of got out of the habit. I’m so happy I’m able to read more now!


7. Working Out More. After college athletics, I was really burnt out of working out. All I wanted to do was just elliptical a little and maybe do a few body weight squats. But in 2014 I really got my mojo back! Not only did I get back to my teakwood roots by starting up kickboxing again, but I also joined ClassPass and became a BurnThis ambassador (post on that coming soon)!

Taylor Swift on Time Magazine Cover

6. Defining Success. Part I and Part II (featuring Taylor Swift). My wonderful boss gave me some very good advice that led to me sitting down and defining what success means for me. If you haven’t done my worksheet yet, this might just be the perfect time: 25 Desires from The Always Bright Life – Interactive Form. It helped me, I hope it helps you too!

5. Focusing on Happy Things. Why watch the depressing news when you can watch a person dressed like Frosty the Snowman scare the crap out of people? Do what makes you happy!

4. Launching Local Levo Denver. Working with Maxie and her lovely partner Caroline to launch the Local Levo Denver was such a fun and rewarding experience. I still have a couple of months left as this city’s first leader and I can’t wait to see how the chapter grows!

Jack White in Denver

3. Concerts at Red Rocks. Jack White, Young the Giant/Kings of Leon, Amos Lee, Big Gigantic. SO MANY GREAT CONCERTS! I don’t know how I’m going to out do that Red Rocks selection next year…

Josh and Lex at Austin City Limits

2. Austin City Limits. Such a wonderful experience to share with my family! One, two, three days of pure joy (plus some sweat and mud). Here’s to hoping we can repeat the trip in 2015.

Stanley Cup Silly

1. The Sochi Olympic Games. I mean, come on. It’s the OLYMPICS! While I was super sad to leave the US Olympic Committee when Josh and I moved to Denver, I left with a million amazing memories that I will always cherish.

What were your favorite memories of 2014? Share your personal blog posts in the comments! I’d love to read about them 🙂


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