#bachpartyfiesta: Bachelorette Party in LA

This past weekend I celebrated my bachelorette party in LA! Due to everyone’s hectic schedule we had to plan it a bit early, which I think is actually a good thing because now I get to spread out the excitement!

On Friday I flew out to San Diego to see my sister and to drive down to LA with her. She’s a senior at SDSU and I had yet to see her stomping grounds so I really wanted to make sure to make my first stop SD. It took us about two hours (not bad) to get to our AirBnB in Venice Beach where we did some grocery shopping, set out some “festively” themed cakes and cookies, and waited for the rest of the ladies to touch down.

After everyone else arrived we headed over to the Hotel Erwin’s rooftop bar, the High Rooftop Lounge in Venice Beach! After sipping on a few drinks (I highly recommend the Cinnamon Pear Toddy) we walked back to our house and chatted over champagne for several hours. It was the perfect start to the trip!

Paige and Lexie
My sister Paige and I at the High Rooftop Lounge

The next morning we kicked off the day with a trip to Bella Bridesmaids where we found the most perfect bridesmaid dresses (you’ll have to wait to June to see them!) and then went to the Secret Dance Studio for a pole dancing class! Our instructor was super nice and made everyone feel incredibly comfortable, although I will say it sounds a lot more risqué than it really was – probably due in part to the fact that we were all wearing our incredibly awesome Bach Party Fiesta shirts (below). Quick back story: we kept using the abbreviation when our German friend kindly pointed out that she kept reading it as “Bach” Party Fiesta, and promptly presented us with the amazing photoshopped picture of Bach in sunglasses and a sombrero below. Our weekend mascot/hashtag was born. Anyway, if you like to dance and want a killer workout, I would highly recommend taking a class. I know! It sounds crazy! But everyone had a blast, and I will say we looked pretty darn good.

I will be wearing my Bach Party Fiesta tank probably more than is acceptable.

Following our very successful afternoon we headed back for some games before getting ready and heading to dinner at Mas Malo, where I got a free tequila shot and enjoyed ridiculously delicious pumpkin enchiladas. We had a few more drinks at their bar and then went to an 80s/90s disco club called Honeycut for dancing, more drinks, and a bachelorette bar game that I both hated and loved. Chris and company – if for some reason you’re reading this thanks for making me less shy and for helping me complete my challenges! We also spent way too much time in their photo booth.

Photo Booth
Squeezing into the camera!
photo booth 2
More squeezing!
Me and my fearless #bachpartyfiesta planner, Joan!
Me and my fearless #bachpartyfiesta planner, Joan!

The next morning we were all feeling surprisingly perky! Probably in part due to a lovely brunch at James’ Beach Bar & Grill (fun fact, part of “I Love You, Man” was shot there). The trip was capped off by a walk along the water at Venice Beach, an impromptu manicure, and then one of the best sandwiches I’ve had in a long time (or ever) at Gjusta. If you’re ever there order the Tomato Confit with Burrata sandwich.

Why don’t I get more manicures?

The only downside was that my flight was delayed and I didn’t get home until past midnight. But that was it! Other than that the trip was absolutely fabulous and I was so incredibly excited to get to spend time with some of my best friends. Now I just have to wait six months till the wedding!


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