ClassPass Review: PUSH Fitness

A girl in my recent PUSH Fitness class said that she had already used up all three sessions at the studio – it was her first week with ClassPass. That’s how addictive these classes are!

PUSH Fitness

Caveat: that’s how addictive these classes are if you like a good, hard, sweaty workout. If you’re feeling a bit worn out or don’t want to mess up your blowout, you may want to rethink going to PUSH. However, if you’re looking for a high-energy class that is going to push you (hence the name), this is the place for you.

Nestled back in by 6th and Speer, one of PUSH’s assets is the strong community feel. I’ve attended two classes there and both times was warmly welcomed by both the instructor and the regulars. Parking can be a bit tough, but nothing too out of the ordinary for a city location. Once I parked right out front in a metered spot and once I found free parking in the surrounding neighborhood across Lincoln.

The front of PUSH. Notice all of the different equipment and the three high-tech treadmills in the back.

My first class was kickboxing – which I absolutely loved! Disclaimer: I do have a black belt in taekwondo so I might be a little biased towards martial arts. But I do feel pretty confident that you don’t have to be a black belt to love this class! In fact, kickboxing has become quite popular with anyone looking to lean down and tone up, including some of the world’s hottest models. In this class, each person had their own bag and completed several different series of challenging punch and kick combinations as well as some plyometric exercises like hops up onto the base of the bag and (of course) burpees. The reason I love kickboxing is the same reason I love Zumba – you get to work your mind as much as your body and the time flies by. Plus you can make it as challenging as you want by hitting harder or softer, moving faster or slower. The best part was that afterwards I got a personalized physical training session from the instructor! Which was good and bad because it was SUPER PAINFUL when I was being massaged in the calf with an elbow, but also super awesome afterwards when I felt all loosey-goosey.

PUSH Fitness Bikes
The bikes are pulled out into the middle of the space that divides the front and back workout areas. The back is where my kickboxing class was.

The next class I took was Spin/Sculpt, a combination class consisting of 25min on the bike and 25min of circuits. I knew I was in (good) trouble when I walked in and was immediately told by a regular that I should grab a sweat towel. I started on the bike where we did circuits of standing climbs, sprints, and jumps before moving to the floor. The floor circuit was arranged in four stations of three exercises that were done twice through before moving on to the next station. The instructor timed us for 50 seconds on, 10 seconds off. Yeah, it was hard. The exercises ranged from burpees (again, of course) to squats with a row, box jumps to kettle bell swings on a Bosu ball. It was some of the best full-body training I’ve had in a while! My favorite part is that it was hard, but not repetitive. The same thing I liked about the kickboxing.

In a nutshell, PUSH Fitness is the place to be if you’re looking for small-ish super sweaty classes that’ll kick your butt into gear!


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