ClassPass Review: Epic Ryde

Epic Ryde is definitely a different sort of cycling studio. Its Real Ryders (they tilt like real bikes) and “stadium seating” help you to focus in on your personal performance, one, because you’re not worried about who’s face your booty is in, and two, because you’re trying not to fall off the Real Ryder on the turns! Apparently these bikes allow you to burn up to 20% more calories – and it definitely feels like it (in a good way).

Stadium Seating at Epic Ryde

I’ve taken two classes here, one purely cycling class and one cycle/TRX split. They were both great! While each instructor was different, there were a lot of similarities in the style of the classes. Both cycling sections were fast paced with a lot of jumps, sprints, and hills that included less heavy pushes and more increased tempo climbs (pretty sure I just made that term up). The main difference is that one instructor utilized the turn function of the Real Ryder more than the other. I think I like that a bit better, but it does really get into your arms and back a lot more then.

In the first class we got a surprise visit from a photographer from the Denver BusinessDen publication who was doing a story on the studio since they will be moving their location to RiNo in a few months. Luckily he came at the beginning of class so I don’t look too sweaty and ragged… And I’m even plugging Josh’s awesome company!

That’s me in the GoSpotCheck shirt!

For the Cycle/TRX class they split the group into two, with half starting on the bikes and the other half in the back with the TRX straps. I haven’t done a ton of TRX, especially recently, but the good thing about it is that it’s all body weight and by adjusting your weight distribution you can make the exercises easier or harder – think doing a pushup on the group vs. with your hands on a bench. The instructor kept everything moving so it still incorporated cardio which I liked a lot. She was also really good about helping people who had never done it before, so if you haven’t taken a TRX class but are interested, this would be a good place to start.

I loved the energy and felt very welcomed. There was a good mix of younger folks in their 20s and older folks 50+. I’d say if you’re looking for a decently hard workout or would like to try a Real Ryder or TRX for the first time without the “gymtimidation” Epic Ryde is a great place to take class!


2 thoughts on “ClassPass Review: Epic Ryde

  1. I am loving all of your ClassPass reviews.. which has inspired me to start a blog on all of my ClassPass experiences. Any who, you should try out The Riders Barre (there is a Guilty Pleasures cycling on Sundays which is karaoke on a bike – talk about a mood and cardio booster). Also try out PH7 Pilates, Torch Pilates Plus (really effective and beautiful space), and TurboKick on Saturdays at QiFlow. Looking forward to more of your posts!

    • That’s awesome, Emily! The Rider’s Barre is great and I found out my family knows the owner! I’m definitely going to hit up your other recs – thanks!

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