Detox Recipes from Gwyneth Paltrow’s Kitchen

When coming off of a cleanse (which I kind of will be on Monday, though this one is not super strict or only juice) it is really important to treat your system right. That means not stuffing your self with all the sugar, white flour, fried foods, and alcohol your body hasn’t been processing for the past couple of days. Trust me, once you’ve re-calibrated your system to burn clean fuel, it doesn’t always appreciate being fed the cheap stuff! While I’ve never had a terrible reaction, I definitely get stomach aches much more easily after I’ve been eating healthy.

Here are some of the the clean recipes I’m looking forward to trying next week once I’m done Pepper Potts-ing myself!

1. Clean Granola. This will be perfect with some coconut or goat milk yogurt.

2. Buckwheat Soba Noodle Salad. Any salad with noodles is a-okay with me.

3. Paleo Bread. Although I don’t follow any label, I’m a sucker for trying paleo and vegan recipes. This will either be awesome or horrific.

4. Sorba Bi Djaj (Chicken Soup w/ Rice). Described as “thick, creamy, and aromatic” – yes please!

5. Clean Black Cod with Miso. Pair with a green salad tossed with carrot-ginger dressing.

As a bonus anytime recipe, I’m also dying to try this Black Sesame and Goji Berry tea!


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