Gwyneth Paltrow Five Day Diet/Cleanse Review

Well, I did it! I (semi) successfully finished Gwyneth Paltrow’s movie star get-fit-quick plan.

Green Tea
My favorite green tea that I woke up to each morning.

I will say before I do my review that I had a small bowl of ice cream on Saturday – partially because I, believe it or not, forgot I was “cleansing” and partially because when I remembered I just really wanted ice cream – plus instead of either kombucha OR nuts, I ate both in the afternoon, and I added 1/2 a banana to my smoothie in the morning so I was eating a few more calories. I also didn’t make the soup because quite frankly I made it once before and remembered not loving it, so I substituted a low-carb dinner of any kind that fit within a 300-500 calorie range. For exercise I couldn’t get to a Zumba and barre class every day, so instead I made sure to do 45min of any cardio and some sort of barre-like toning exercises. This included doing spinning, running, yoga, and my own variations of leg lifts.

Protein Shake
My daily smoothie makings.

Pros & Results

  • I did lose two pounds and my stomach felt leaner – but we’ll see how long that lasts. I’ve been eating pretty clean lately, so if you’ve been eating more carbs or haven’t been active lately, you could drop more.
  • I reset my appetite. When you eat more, your body gets accustom to that amount of food and it becomes harder to feel full. By eating a little less, you can actually help you to reset your “appetite thermostat” so you’ll feel less hungry with smaller portions of food.
  • I felt strong. Despite some bad press saying that this plan involves too little calories, I actually felt very strong! On the fourth day I went to two, hour long classes – one barre, one Zumba – and got through both of them with no trouble at all. I also took a spin/yoga class on day three and was even surprised at how good I felt! I didn’t bobble a single time in my balance poses and was able to do all of the turns on the Real Ryder bike.
  • I found the plan easy to follow. I actually really enjoyed all of the foods and looked forward to each meal/snack. However, I already eat almost all of these foods on a regular basis, so if you are someone who isn’t used to having a smoothie for breakfast or who hasn’t yet tried kombucha (it’s not for everyone), I can see how this plan could be more difficult.
Evolution Sweet Greens & Lemon Juice
Perfect for when you’re too lazy to whip out the juicer!

Cons & Difficulties

  • It’s a little expensive. While it’s not CRAZY expensive, I did spend around $100 to purchase everything. I do still have protein powder left, which was the most pricey item, so it wasn’t a full $100 for 5 days, but still more that a lot of people spend typically on food. If you juice yourself you can shave off a little, but I did purchase the least expensive juices I could (about $3.50 per bottle vs. some that are up to $10).
  • There’s a lot of exercise. I’ve been working out almost every day for an hour thanks to my excitement for my still relatively new ClassPass, so it wasn’t a huge shock for me, but normally I do either toning OR cardio, not 45min of both. I rather enjoyed pushing myself a little, but there was one morning where I was a tad grumpy I had to go to spinning and couldn’t sleep in.
  • The whole shebang is not sustainable. And it’s not meant to be! Five days is plenty. When I work out that much, I get hungry, and by the last day I could tell that my metabolism was starting to rev up. Personally, I like to eat a little less and workout a little less. I feel like it is actually easier for me to manage my weight this way – and there’s actually some science to back this up! However there are parts of it that I will carry over, like the lunch/afternoon snack combo which worked really well for me.
Brown Rice Tortilla w/ Avocado & Cucumber
My favorite lunch: one brown rice tortilla topped with one avocado, cucumber slices, and a little mustard.

Overall Review

I found this plan much easier to follow (and cheaper) than others and would definitely do it again. Don’t expect to look like GP after a mere 5 days, but if you’re looking to stop cravings and reset your appetite, you may want to give it a try (if your doctor approves, of course). Plus the longer everyday workouts will make your normal routine seem like a snap when you’re done!

Kombucha & Nuts
Each day’s afternoon snack.

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