Learn to Code: Local Levo Dever + RailsBridge

This past weekend Local Levo Denver had the great pleasure of being hosted by RailsBridge for a Ruby on Rails coding workshop!

Levo Apparel
Heading to the workshop rocking my new Levo sweater and Levo-approved Dagne Dover tote.

We did a 2 hour Installfest Friday night, complete with delicious sandwiches and salad from ModMarket. We got our machines setup with everything we needed to become beginner programmers.

Kinsey RailsBridge
Our fearless programming maven Kinsey setting the stage for the event.

The next day we started our RailsBridge Intro to Rails course. What I loved about this workshop was that there was a track for everyone – beginner, intermediate, and advanced – and each person was free to move at her own pace. While I had never coded in Ruby before, I did have some experience in other languages (like Python and HTML), so I was able to move through some of the basics a little faster than others who had never done anything before.

Ladies Coding
Coding away!

The TAs were also amazing! A big thanks to GoSpotCheck, SendGrid, and Galvanize for sending such awesome experts! (I’m sure I’m forgetting someone, so if I am please let me know…) Whenever I had a question they were so wonderful at not only telling me where I went wrong, but also explaining any concepts I was curious about. They made learning something new fun and comfortable.

TA RailsBridge
A TA helping two students – with a cameo by the GoSpotCheck “You’re Awesome” award!

The experience was overwhelmingly positive and the response was incredible! We had far too few spots for the demand and hope to do another one of these in the future. If there is ever a RailsBridge in your area I highly suggest you attend!

Look, ma! I’m coding!

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