New York Fashion Week & How to Learn Fashion

New York Fashion Week Fall 2015 is upon us! Today while reading through the headlines I realized how far my fashion knowledge has come.

Jessica Stam, My Favorite Face

Back in college, before I interned at IMG Models, I thought I knew fashion. But I soon realized that being from Colorado and knowing fashion was much different than being from New York and knowing fashion. Sure I knew the majority of designers and could recognize the top models. I understood the trends and liked to think that I had reasonably good taste. But when I got to IMG I discovered a whole other layer of knowledge that I was missing.

While on the job in the Art Department, one of my duties was to tear all of the IMG girls’ images (whether it be campaigns or editorials) out of the magazines to use in their books. This was very, very difficult for me at first. Gisele, Kate, Naomi – not a problem. But what about girls like Andie Arthur, Devon Windsor, Hanne Gaby Odiele, or Jasmine Tookes who are big names in high fashion, but not commercially? There were people I 100% should have known but didn’t because my view of the fashion world was so narrow. (Fun Fact: One day on the job, a then unknown Kate Upton came in for new digitals and her booked looked at us and said, “Remember her. She’s gonna be big.” Nailed it!)

Malaika Firth

Then I was saved by a former intern who had just been hired on full time. Not only did she put up with my constant barrage of asking “Who is this?” but she also introduced me to some of her favorite fashion resources that I have relied on ever since to stay up-to-date.

Freja Beha Erichson

If you’re looking to improve your fashion knowledge or just want to keep up with the latest news, here are my top 5 favorite resources…

5. Pretty self explanatory. This is how you get to know the models! From elite rankings to the most promising newcomers, you can study up on all things models here.

4. Into The Gloss. This is your beauty bible. I am on this site everyday; it’s probably my favorite website. Get to know the fashion elite though their “Top Shelf” series and go behind the scenes of the fashion week beauty looks with their backstage coverage.

3. The Cut. While the site has taken a turn towards more Jezebel-like content and it’s purely fashion anymore, I feel like it still keeps me in touch with the “culture” of New York and fashion while living in Colorado. Whatever that means.

2. (Website & App). This is how you know the clothes – both the website and the app are great. With complete recaps of all the shows and seasons, it’s easy to scroll through to find out who’s doing what. Plus, I love how they make an effort to ID the models.

1. The Business of Fashion. For real industry news, this is your go to. It not only will prime you on the big names and brands, but will also give you a greater breadth and depth of knowledge that’s hard to get elsewhere.


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