Bone Broth: What It Is & Why You Should Drink It

Bone broth may just be the next kale. It seems like no matter where I turn, I’m hearing about the amazing health benefits of this super-soup.

Bone Broth
Bone Broth Recipe from Q Blog (Equinox)

Most recently I was on Equinox’s blog (one of my favorite health/fitness sites) when I came across yet another recipe, this time from London’s dynamic “Eating Well” duo, the Hemsley sisters. So aside from the delicious flavor that the bones infuse, why is this soup a super food?

The two explain:

It’s packed with vitamins, minerals, collagen and keratin, making it amazing for skin and digestion. It’s a gut-healing, easy-to-digest source of nourishment and energy that doesn’t make you crash or give you caffeine-like jitters. It’s very easy to make; just beef, lamb or chicken bones, water and a long simmer.

Better skin and digestion? Yes, please! But, as one person points out, “bone broth” is really just stock. You know, that stuff you buy at the supermarket in that little carton? That’s essentially what you’re making. It’s not revolutionary, it’s not “new,” and in fact now that I think about it my dad has been feeding me his special recipe bone broth since I was born – because he always makes his own stock.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t drink it! As Dawn Jackson Blatner points out in this HuffPost article:

It is hydrating, contains veggie and herb anti-inflammatories and the bones provide collagen, a protein which may help with our own bone, joint and skin health.

We’ve been touting chicken noodle soup as a miracle cure for the cold forever now. Drinking soup for health is nothing new, it’s just now getting it’s 15min of fame. People are starting to realize, “Oh, if I make my own stock from scratch it is much more delicious! And it’s healthy!” Just like kale wasn’t new but people all of a sudden thought, “There’s an alternative to spinach that I can eat to nourish my body? WHAT A CRAZY IDEA! YAY SUPERFOODS!” Not maybe people will start making bone broth WITH kale. Whoa.

So although bone broth is just, well, broth, you should definitely still be sipping the stuff.


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