Use BurnThis to Burn Through Your Goals

I recently posted about starting a Mind/Body/Spirit Challenge, and obviously that includes a fitness goal. Sometimes it’s hard for me to stick to my healthy eating routine because my fiancé has the metabolism of a 12 year old – and the palate of one too. When I’m cooking him up a big plate of spaghetti, it’s sometimes hard to stick to a salad. That’s where BurnThis comes in!


Touted as “a pinstagram just for fitness,” this awesome app will leave you feeling excited to continue towards you goals. You can share your own pictures and add a caption like “Pumped on Pilates” or “#fitfam,” follow your favorite users, and even complete challenges to win prizes! The best part is that it’s an incredibly positive and diverse group of people who you can rely on to keep you on track. Whether you’re looking to gain muscle or lose weight – or want to join me on my mission to see my abs! – there’s motivation for you on BurnThis. So what are you waiting for? Head over to the App Store to see why I am so happy to be a BurnThis Ambassador!


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