Cynthia Rowley Activewear

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s been an increase in high-end fashion labels getting into the activewear scene. I feel like this is in part due to the shift from the cigarette/drug induced weight loss fashion trends of decades past to today’s emphasis on living a healthy, active lifestyle and in part due to the industry realizing that there is a huge market for attractive, trendy activewear. There seems to be two camps: fashion-forward performance apparel and fitness-themed day wear. I love them all.


The next line I’ve found myself drooling over is from Cynthia Rowley! Known for her vibrant, adventurous collections, she definitely brought that same sense of whimsy to her first ever line of sportswear that was launched in the Spring 2015 season. Here are a few of my favorite looks.

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Click here to explore the whole Cynthia Rowley S15 Sportswear Collection!


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