Denver in Winter

One of the best things about living in Denver is the weather. I know my California friends will never believe me, but being able to enjoy a snow storm on Tuesday and 60 degree weather on Friday really does happen – and it is glorious.

Sunbathing on the roof – in February.

Today Josh and I walked around the city for about two hours soaking in the beautiful weather before hunkering down on a rooftop and laying in the sun wearing nothing more than a light sweater and leggings (me, not Josh, although he would possibly look better in them than me).

Shameless selfie of happiness while waiting for Josh to put our coats in the car – it was too hot for them!

Denver had given us the perfect balance of hectic city life and laid-back outdoor living. While I know it has been gaining notoriety over the past few years for being one of the top locations for young people to settle and tech companies to blossom, I still feel like the magic of Denver is wildly underrated. I never thought that I would move back to Colorado after going to college so close to San Francisco and working briefly in New York, but I can tell you that my first few months truly being back here working and living as an “adult” have convinced me that I definitely made the right choice.


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