Drool-Worthy Grub Street Diets

Today I somehow came across Leandra Medine’s Grub Street Diet (she’s the magical woman behind Man Repeller) – I honestly have no idea what I was doing or how I found it again – and I was reminded of how interesting it is to see how different people chow down. One, I can pretend that I too can eat out three times per week in New York at fancy restaurants, and two, since that’s just not going to happen, I can at least get ideas for mixing up what I’m cooking at home!

“I stopped at the Butcher’s Daughter for an egg-and-vegan-cashew-cheese sandwich with guacamole and roasted potatoes.”

I also tend to like the ones that the commenters find “boring” because they’re too healthy since that’s how I try to eat. Moderation people! Anyway, without further ado, here are a few of my other favorite Grub Street Diets.

I almost always get gomae, a tamago sushi, salmon sashimi, shishito-pepper skewers with no sauce, and a salmon-skin hand roll.

1. Model Ali Michael Has a Thing for Burnt Food

We shared roasted root vegetables and the braised beef without the pasta, and I ordered the pork shoulder over grits, which was amazing.

2. Fitness Mogul Tracy Anderson Brunches at Balthazar, Lunches at Locanda Verde

I came home and made this triple-decker, crazy breakfast sandwich: home-cooked chicken-and-spinach sausage, two fried eggs, avocado, and ketchup.

3. Model Elettra Wiedemann Makes Crazy Breakfast Sandwiches, Never Refuses Birthday Cake

Had the bourbon-miso bass with maple and cabbage; Hung’s fried rice with shrimp, egg, and vegetables; a sushi roll — the “Pow” — with king crab, mango sauce, and wasabi; and another roll — the “Rebel” — with lobster, avocado, and mango. And we had sake.

4. Ballet Dancer Misty Copeland Is Hooked on Sushi and Seamless

We found Daruma Ramen a block away, where I had a totally delicious vegan ramen — avocado is the new pork fat — with half-moons of baby tomatoes and pickled carrots shaved like curly noodles and a rich veggie broth.

5. Tumblr’s Jen Pelka Previews Qui in Austin, Throws Excellent-Sounding Dinner Parties Back in New York

I have the same breakfast every morning. It’s two eggs over easy, turkey bacon, and half an avocado sliced up into this crazy … it is the most unappetizing thing you’ve ever looked at, but I love it. I pour Cholula all over it.

6. Model Chrissy Teigen Loves Airplane Food and Ina Garten’s Salmon

We are a Sunday night Chinese-food family, so I ordered in from Shun Lee. I had steamed chicken and broccoli, sautéed string beans, and hot and sour soup.

7. SoulCycle Owner Julie Rice Finds Bliss at 16 Handles, Eats Gas Station Candy in Car

I also have a big hunk of Parmigiano Reggiano, and a half a pound of Parmacotto ham and a few slices of mortadella.

8. Ottavia Bourdain Eats Omelettes in the Bathroom and Peanut Butter in Bed

I had a friend over for dinner and we made Whole Foods fresh farmed salmon sautéed in a little bit of white wine and a big green leafy salad with homemade vinaigrette.

9. Foodspotting Co-Founder Soraya Darabi Likes to Pick Food Off Other People’s Plates, Doesn’t Advocate Gummy Bears for Lunch

I got the jerk chicken wings, the vegetable dumplings, and ackee, and oxtail.

10. Model Selita Ebanks Dilutes Her Kool-Aid, Doesn’t Need a Menu at Nobu


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