Mara Hoffman Activewear

Mara Hoffman is the next designer to get in on the high-end activewear trend – and I am so glad she did! The team has crafted some truly awesome pieces that are a funky blend of patterns and basics, performance and athleisure.

Racerback Tank Top in Skybird Black

At one end of the spectrum you have pieces like this Native American-inspired fully printed Racerback Tank Top that I totally would have rocked to high jump practice (but will now instead wear to hot yoga and Pilates). On the other end, there is this ridiculously comfy looking grey French terry Jumpsuit – the fact that it is a) grey (if you’ve ever worked out in grey pants, you know why this is a problem), b) worn by the model sans bra, and c) basically a sweatshirt onesie, means that the wearer probably isn’t hitting up anything more intense than the local juice bar. Which I am 100% a-okay with. No matter your level of athleticism, Mara Hoffman has guaranteed you’ll be looking surprisingly well put together at your next Soul Cycle class or bottomless mimosa Sunday brunch.

Jumpsuit in Grey

Click here for the full collection and read on for a few of my favorite looks!

Sweatshirt in Black
Long Legging in EOS Stone Print
Fly Away Sweatshirt in Grey
Embroidered Cape in Lavender
Cross-Back Sports Bra in Neon Coral

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