See My Profile on Levo League’s Front & Center

In case you haven’t heard, the traditional resume is dead. As we millennials continue to flood the workforce with experience that is more diverse and unique than ever before, it becomes increasingly important that we be able to share who we truly are as team members instead of simply laundry lists of accomplishments and responsibilities. Enter the Levo League “Best Profile Ever.” As Levo co-founder Caroline Ghosn said,

“When you take this concept of a profile and remove the space and content limitation that society has around a resume, it gives you some breathing room… And all of a sudden, you can dimensionalize who you are as a person.”

I was personally excited about this new feature because I have a very unique job history. From fashion intern to restaurateur, from sports jack-of-all-trades to higher education program manager, I’ve been involved in a wide range of industries and job functions with titles that do not describe what I “did.” Because of this, it is often difficult for me to convey who I am to employers. One time I even flat out had a hiring manager hesitantly say, “So… what do you… do?” And it was hard for even me to describe! But with the new Levo profiles, I have had a much easier time telling my story in an engaging, complete way.

And today my profile happens to be featured on Levo’s Front & Center! I encourage you to take a look at how I and so many other people have utilized this new feature and to create your own profile. You might just be surprised how much more dynamic you look – even to yourself!



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