Camping at Sugarloaf Mountain

Surprisingly, Josh and I had never actually been camping together in the 10+ years we have been together. So this weekend, with the amazingly beautiful weather and (also surprisingly) free schedules, we finally decided to plan something. After asking friends and doing some research, we decided to head up to Sugarloaf Mountain outside of Boulder at the suggestion of this blog. Both Josh and I were wanting some nature time, but since we’ve been pretty worn out from work and life in general, we both wanted something close-ish to Denver where we could drive to the site, setup camp, and then just chill with a little hiking and a lot of eating around a campfire.

The verdict for this spot? Highly recommended. For some reason my phone decided to delete a few of my pictures, but here’s what I was able to salvage!

Josh and I trying to find an abandoned mine as indicated on our great GPS.
The abandoned mine site. All filled in with random doors?
But it was a rather neat looking pile of old doors.
Doors from which we salvaged this key hole. For a necklace, perhaps?
Also this sweet old can that was opened the old fashioned way. Does anyone else find this cool, or is it just me? #toonostalgic
At the end of the trip. Still a little sleepy, despite a rather pleasant night’s sleep in the tent, and in need of a hot shower! #nomakeup #campfirehair

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