How to Cultivate a Fulfilling Career with Levo, Maxie McCoy, and Latham Thomas

via Levo

Today’s millennial workforce is looking for more than just a steady paycheck, they want careers that matter. Which is why I was so excited to host Levo’s “7 Practices to Jumpstart a Gratifying Career” webinar last week! 

Adam Smiley Poswolsky, author of The Quarter Life Breakthrough, found that young professionals are “asking what their purpose is now, and they’re determined to find the opportunities, organizations, and companies that share their purpose.” But is it worth it to rock the boat of your comfy corporate job? It just might be. FastCompany found that cultivating meaning in your career can be even more important to personal satisfaction than happiness alone. Plus, it is one of the best ways to increase your productivity, engagement, and performance at work!

Maxie McCoy and Latham Thomas both yearned for gratifying careers – and they made it happen. Maxie coupled her talent for inspiring with her experience in professional development to launch her very own brand aimed at unlocking spiritual and emotional intelligence. Latham used her nutrition and lifestyle expertise to transform the maternal wellness movement by founding Mama Glow, which has since helped women like Alicia Keys find true joy in their pregnancies.

So how did they do it? In this webinar, Maxie and Latham talk about their 7 essential practices to bring more satisfaction, purpose, and gratefulness into your career.

Watch the webinar here!


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