In Pursuit of Positive Energy (Plus Tips from Preston Smiles)

One thing I’ve realized about myself over the years is that, despite my best efforts, I am indeed very influenced by other people. Whether that’s someone else’s bad mood killing my good mood, a negative comment on social media setting off a flood of anger, or a criticism from a coworker cutting into my confidence, there are far too many times where I make choices and feel feelings based on someone else’s energy.

It’s been something I’ve been working on especially hard since entering the working world, but it wasn’t until recently that I felt like I made any great headway (even though there’s still progress to be made). I’m currently entering a time of great transition in my life. A career transition that has set off something inside of me that’s made me realize what’s truly important in life, and has forced me to reevaluate my hopes, dreams, goals… My purpose. To get there, I’ve been spending a lot of time brushing off the pressures and expectations of the outside world, and that effort has started to pay off.

Positivity, confidence, and self-actualization are all things that we need to practice on a regular basis. Like a muscle, the more we train our brains to shift from external energies onto internal intuitions, the easier it becomes to find true happiness. This is something I’ve known since studying psychology in college, but haven’t really felt the benefits of until recently. It seems hard (and sometimes impossible) to get out of your own way when it comes to negative thinking and self-doubt. However it is absolutely something you can do! It’s not easy, and it will be a lifelong journey, but if you make the effort to get started, I guarantee you’ll be a happier, healthier, and more fulfilled human being.

Today I came across Preston Smile’s video on “7 Ways to Stop Letting People Drain Your Energy,” and really felt like it was something I should share. First, his energy left me smiling and feeling quite peppy for a Monday, but also, he gave some really amazing, tangible ways that we can all continue to travel down our own paths and to live our own truths. Yes, it sounds pretty new-agey, but I truly believe that we are all meant to do completely different things on this earth, and until we figure out what those things are and focus our energy on traveling that road, we can’t fully be happy.

Whether you’re feeling a bit cynical/jaded/skeptical or are already on the positive energy boat, I highly recommend you kick start your day with the video below!


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