Classpass Review: Pilates Evolution

Before I even knew calling Lagree Method workouts “Pilates on crack” was a thing, I referred to it as “Pilates on crack.” Why? Because it’s honestly the best way to describe the torturous 40-45min sessions of burning, shaking, and praying oh-please-make-this-stop. But I’m saying that… in a good way? I love a good challenge and have seen the best results in the shortest period of time from Lagree classes. So maybe describing the workout as torturous is a perfect example of the type of person who will like this class. But on the other hand, maybe not, because we all have our own perception of what “torturous”means and where we are willing to push our bodies on any given day; that malleable level of torture is one of the best things about Pilates Evolution. (Don’t know what Lagree is? Read more about it in my review of Fierce45 from a while back.)


In each class, you of course have your unstoppable regulars who don’t ever seem to take a knee, but there are often also pregnant women, older women (my mom LOVES this class), high schoolers, first time workout-ers, and even elite athletes who are there cross training. The modifications are what makes this a one-size-fits-all type of class. If a move is too hard, there’s always a way to make it easier, and if a move is too easy there’s likewise a way to make it harder. For me, I find this one of the hardest workouts I do, if not THE hardest. But on the other hand, I had a friend tell me that she didn’t even sweat and that it was too easy. I’m pretty sure I just burst out laughing and assumed she was just doing it wrong, but thinking back on it now, if you don’t push yourself to get low in your lunge, to get off your knees on plank, to keep your leg lifted for donkey kicks, I can see how you could actually make this workout much less hard.

Another related aspect I really like about Pilates Evolution is that while the instructors are always roaming the room, giving corrections, encouraging you to push yourself, they also just kind of let you do your own thing (as long as you’re being safe, of course). I personally really appreciate being able to go to whatever level feels right on that particular day. Maybe I did a really tough bootcamp session the day before and just can’t stay in my lunge as long as normal, or maybe I decided to book double sessions thinking my yoga class that morning would be mostly stretching, but turned out to be a full on core killer. As a VERY competitive person with a background in college sports, I already give myself a hard enough time as it is when I can’t perform my best, so having someone telling me that I’m not going high enough in my plank-to-pikes 5min into an core series when my abs were dead to begin with usually just ends up just making me feel more annoyed and defeated. I don’t know if they’re taught this, but the instructors at Pilates Evolution tend to give more generalized advice to the group instead of getting in your face one-on-one, but they do it in a way where you know it’s really you who needs to get your hips higher. (Again, unless you need help or are doing something incorrectly, then they’re right there to help you get on track.)

Outside of the class itself, the studio is nice and modern, with 12 proformers/megaformers in two lines of six. There is a nice view of the mountains from the windows that line the back wall. The music is always on point and never too loud. I’ve heard some people say that they avoid studios in Cherry Creek because of parking, but honestly this has never been a problem for me here. I’ve always been able to find either a metered spot within a block or two or a free spot up the street next to the park and school. I’m also a person who really enjoys walking around Cherry Creek, so if that’s you too I highly recommend my favorite combo: grabbing a cup of coffee at Dazbog and enjoying it outside by the fountain, taking class at Pilates Evolution, then finishing up with an acai bowl at Vitality Bowls before heading out.

The final verdict: I love Pilates Evolution. It’s a challenging low impact workout that’s sure to lead to quick results!


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