Weekly Reads Roundup (3.11.17)

From the best jeans for women to Denver’s hottest coffee shops (said in my best Stefon voice), here’s what I was reading this past week!

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 4.34.44 PM
Amethyst Coffee Co (via Zagat)

1. What Are the Best Jeans for Women? via NY Mag

Is there anything more personal than a pair of jeans? One woman’s idea of the perfect length or wash or cut can be another person’s butt-flattening sack. That’s why we polled thirteen different women (plus two Strategist editors) on their favorite pair of denim, from high-waisted and cropped to wide-legged and hip-hugging.

Because you can always use another pair of good jeans – especially now that the seasons are about to change! (Side Note: I just purchased this pair of straight fit light wash jeans from Banana Republic and am obsessed!)

2. Hottest Metro Denver Coffee Shops via Denver Business Journal

Zagat… compiled a list of the 13 best in metro Denver, based off thousands of consumer reviews on its website.

A must read for all my work-from-home Denver friends looking for new places to take the daily grind (no pun intended).

3. Yikes: This is What Casual Drinking Actually Does to Your Body via MyDomaine

If social drinking has been ingrained in your lifestyle for years, don’t worry. Baron says it’s not too late to reverse the negative health effects. “The damage is certainly not done. The body is an extremely smart biocomputer, and it has an incredible way of healing itself on its own when given a fair shot.”

Considering going “dry”? This is what actually happens to your body when you stop drinking alcohol for one month.

This is definitely a hard one to swallow (again, no pun intended… I’m on a roll!). Even as an occasional social drinker the thought of not being able to have something to sip on at happy hour makes me a little sad. However, since there are reported health benefits associated with consuming red wine, I don’t think I’ll completely eliminate all alcohol consumption completely, but will instead try to focus on balance and making better decisions when it comes to the when, where, and what of drinking.

4. Meditating Away Pain via GOOP

Meditation is a miracle that makes it possible for you to control your body and your health with your mind. A meta-analysis of 47 studies and over 3,500 subjects released in the Journal of the American Medical Association released in January showed that meditation has been definitively proven to decrease anxiety, depression, and pain. (1) Previous research has also found that meditation reduces stress hormones and blood pressure while it simultaneously increases focus, concentration, memory, contentment, immunity, blood sugar control, and even the size of your brain. (2) These effects can enhance every aspect of your life, as well as help with all pain, no matter where, how often, or how intensely you feel it.

I still struggle with hitting my goal of daily meditation, despite the huge and ever mounting pile of evidence that I really should be making it a habit.

5. Mike Francesa Can’t Fathom The Idea Of Women Coaching Men via Deadspin

Not only was Francesa incapable of imagining a woman coaching a team of men; he was also incapable of imagining why anyone would ever want that.

Lady brains just couldn’t EVER comprehend the big strong men’s game ::eye roll::


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