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Here’s To The Things That Make Life Bright


I’m Lexie Mitchell (née Spiranac) and I’m passionate about helping people find the courage, tools, and network they need to achieve their dreams.

Since college, my jam-packed career and broad range of interests have led me to work in fashion at IMG Models, in sports at the U.S. Olympic Committee, in entrepreneurship through small business ownership (#restauranteurlife), and in higher education at both Stanford as well as the Colorado School of Mines.

I’m currently working alongside my sister, Paige Spiranac, as she navigates her career as a rising golf talent, as well as consulting on various projects in my free time. You can read more about my career journey here.

As for my personal background, growing up with a professional ballet dancer for a mom and a DI Football National Champion for a dad, I’ve always been in touch with both my artistic and athletic side. My athletic side took me to Stanford University on a Track & Field scholarship where my more artistic and creative side was able to thrive. While at Stanford I discovered the true value of “intellectual vitality,” which instilled in me the passion to always keep learning and discussing, no matter the topic. To partially satisfy that passion, I keep this blog, which features my occasional thoughts on a wide variety of topics, including food, wellness, self-improvement, fashion, and sports.

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Oh, and in case you were wondering about my inspiration…

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