SS17 Workout Playlist

Since the weather is getting warmer (yay!), I’ll soon be spending more time outside wandering around Colorado’s countless paths, trails, and lakes. Which means it’s time for a new workout playlist! If you’re also looking to mix things up, here’s what you’ll probably find me listening to these next few months.



Tuesday Tunes: Workout Playlist

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today I thought I’d share a playlist of songs that I’ve been blasting during my workouts lately (and let’s be honest, whenever I’m in the car, doing laundry, getting ready to go out…).

Fair warning, there are definitely songs that fall into the “explicit” category – headphones are 100% recommended if listening at work or around small children. But it’ll get you pumped for sure!

Austin City Limits 2014: Day Three

I already knew on the morning of Day Three of Austin City Limits that I was going to have a big case of post-vacation blues when if was over. The whole experience of spending time with my family, watching amazing shows (some of which I never thought I would ever see), and relishing the opportunity to relax in the VIP Grove couldn’t have been better or come at a more opportune time. Just as I was starting to get a little burnt out from going from owning a business to going to the Olympics to moving and immediately starting another job, this magical little music festival popped into my life and rejuvenated my spirit. But it is also going to leave me a little sad to go home! Although Denver, you still have my heart.

My parents hit up my sister’s golf tournament in the morning, which coincidentally happened to be 30min away on the same weekend, so I sent my mom a picture of my outfit before Josh and I head out via Uber for the day. My sister and I never wanted to match her or each other when we were little, so she’s always very sensitive about not wearing similar outfits. More duck boots, but less pants since it was hot again.

concert street style
The comfiest of concert gear.

Josh and I really wanted to make sure to get there before MØ since we love her and can’t stop listening to her Spice Girls “Say You’ll Be There” cover. And OMG SHE DID NOT DISAPPOINT! What. A. Rock. Star. Her voice is flawless, her band is the epitome of cool, she crowd surfed, and she threw a beer into the crowd. Also I’m totally jealous of her ability to rock a crop top, Everlast sweats, and a scrunchie.

This is what MØ looks like crowd surfing:

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Austin City Limits 2014: Day Two

Word of the Day: Mud. It rained all night and through the morning, so when we arrived at Zilker Park for Day Two of Austin City Limits there were pools of water everywhere. It was also this weird temperature where it was kind of chilly, but then when you started walking you’d get hot and the humidity would make you sweat a bit, which would then make you colder when you stopped for a break. Overall though, I had my trusty Sperry Saltwater Duck Boots so I couldn’t complain too much!

Mommy and Me
My mom and I about to enter Zilker Park!
Mud Puddle at ACL
One of many huge mud puddles.

Because of the weather – and honestly because we were tired from an extremely long day on Friday – we decided to head over a tad later and ended up arriving right around 2pm where we saw some of The Rosebuds, who were great! We ended up having VIP passes for Saturday and Sunday (!!!) which was AMAZING, so we meandered over to the “VIP Grove” where we had all sorts of free refreshments. And chairs. Most importantly there was a place to sit.

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Austin City Limits 2014: Day One

Hello from Austin! Or do I saw howdy? From what I’ve gathered so far it doesn’t seem like much of a howdy/ya’ll saying kind of town. Anyway, Josh and I are out here with my parents for Austin City Limits! My dad does work with Floyd’s 99 Barber Shop out here in Texas and they’re sponsoring the festival so we decided this was the best time to finally make the trek (also if you haven’t been to a Floyd’s – men or women – we have had universally awesome experiences with them from California to Colorado to Austin).

Josh and I got up at 3:30am Friday morning for a 6am flight so that we could get in on time, get ready, and get to watching some music. After sleeping almost entire duration of the flight I was surprisingly awake and ready to go upon landing, so after taking a quick shower, we decided to head to lunch before heading to Zilker Park. Based on a suggestion from a local, we hit up Noble Sandwich Co.

And it was SO worth it! After waiting in line for about 20min and by some stroke of luck getting four seats at one of the crowded community-style tables, we were brought our three masterpieces by an incredibly friendly, hip server. The house smoked meats, house baked bread, and house crafted sauces did not disappoint.

Our choices (all highly recommended):

  • Knuckle Sandwich – Roast Beef, Horseradish, Onions, & Cheddar
  • Turkey Chop – Red Onion, Cucumber, Fresh Herbs, & Lemon-Coriander Vinaigrette
  • Pecan Smoked Beef Brisket – Kimchi, White Onion, & Sambal Mayo

We also got sides of Jalapeño Slaw and Country Potato Salad. Everything was delicious, but if I were to get one thing it would be the Knuckle Sandwich.

Noble Sandwiches
Noble Sandwiches

We also couldn’t pass up on the Chocolate Bacon Tarts. Do I even really need to tell you how delicious these were?

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Fashion Flashback: “Frock & Roll” ft. Jack White & Karen Elson

As you might be able to tell from the first Music Monday, Josh and my recent Red Rock’s Jack White concert has somewhat elevated my mild obsession with the man and his music. Yes, he’s an incredibly talented musician that I would be happy to see live anytime, anywhere, but the recent rain-soaked, lightning-lit, blue-tinted jam sesh was the epitome of rock and roll. Two weeks later I’m still feeling inspired.




Then I remembered a story Vogue did on Jack and his then wife (and mother of his two children) Karen Elson that was shot back in 2010 by Annie Leibovitz. I don’t really have much more to say (the images speak for themselves) except to make sure to hop over to Vogue to read the article and check out some of the mesmerizing shots after the jump!

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Just Some Music

Josh and I have been working on making music for a while now, and since we’re finally in the same place with the same schedules now (woohoo!) we’ve made it a priority to actually kick our creative sides into high gear. This means actively making time to sit down and write/play/record. As both of us are pretty shy when it comes to this sort of thing, it’s been pretty difficult for us to actually put ourselves out there. But you know what good ol’ Eleanor Roosevelt says, “Do one thing every day that scares you.” 

First up, our “Fell In Love With A Girl” cover inspired by the AMAZING Jack White concert we attended last week. Enjoy!