My Life as E (And an Unexpected Videographer)

Often people ask me what I do for a living, and it’s not always easy to explain. Right now, I’m helping my sister to navigate all aspects of her career. (If you’ve seen Entourage, I’m basically the sports equivalent of E.) I help her through her decision making process like a business coach, keep track of partnerships and finances like a manager, coordinate travel and scheduling like a personal assistant, monitor deadline execution and flow like a project manager, and analyze social media analytics like a marketer (among many other things). Plus, on top of all that, I get to work with and learn from Paige’s incredible agent, Jeremy Aisenberg, and his team at Octagon (oh hey Ohan, Nicole, Alyssa, and Katie). Their experience in cultivating strategic partnerships and closing meaningful deals is second to none, and I am so grateful Paige chose to put her future in their hands.

But perhaps my favorite and most unexpected job responsibility has become videographer. Thanks to my trusty Nikon D3300, experience hustling as a content creator at startups/nonprofits, plus my highly developed skill of casually lurking in the background (can you lurk and not be a creep?), turns out I’m the perfect person to catch candid footage.

Check out Team Paige’s most recent video below from our trip to South Korea last October!

(Music by the incredible Joshua T Mitchell – thank you!)


February Travel + The Best Gift Ever (HINT: It’s a Pressure Cooker)

I started writing this post by talking about how February has been the first month in a long time where I haven’t traveled – but then I realized that’s definitely not true. I guess that’s what happens when having a whole month between trips seems like an eternity! Josh and I spent a week in Arizona with my family for the Waste Management Phoenix Open (Not familiar? See here, here, and here.) followed by three days in San Francisco for one of my best friend’s engagement party at The Commissary in the Presidio (AMAZING FOOD AND COCKTAILS) followed by an afterparty at the SF Athletic Club (BATHTUB OF BEER).

And while we had an amazing time on vacation, there’s one thing I received recently that, dare I say it, rivals the trip in terms of my enjoyment… and that thing… is… A PRESSURE COOKER! Yes, a pressure cooker, or more accurately a “Fagor Lux Multicooker” that my dad loves so much that he and my mom bought me one for Valentine’s Day (thanks $99 + free shipping Sur La Table sale!). I’ve used it almost every day since, and sometimes twice a day…


I mean come on, you can cook risotto in 7min without any stirring?! Plus, soon after I got it, GOOP sent out an email that said I just HAD to have this exact same model of multicooker, so now I’m basically Gwyneth Paltrow…

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Reflecting on Settling, in a Good Way

Whoa, it’s been eight months since I last posted?! I swear, time seems to go by more quickly the older I get. Is that a normal thing? I don’t know, but I’m going to chalk it up to being busy instead of getting old. From traveling both domestically and internationally (Arizona, California, New York, Korea, Dubai…) to helping friends and family (and myself) usher in some new and exciting changes for 2017, I’ve felt like the chaos of 2016 required down time that was truly down time. Like, literally lots of laying down. On the couch watching movies, in savasana at yoga class, in bed for naps. Yes, NAPS! I took a few naps! As a classic A-type overachiever, it’s not always easy to give myself permission to just BE, but that’s what I’ve been challenging myself to do these past couple of months. I feel like I’ve finally reached a great work-life balance, yet I still need to fight against filling in that “life” section with even more over-achiever-y type things. I’ve had the tendency to fill my quiet free time with activity ever since I was a little kid (sorry, parents!), but as I got older the constant need to be active in one way or another became less energizing and more draining. Plus, life is an ever-changing flow of needs, wants, desires, aspirations. So what used to be fulfilling and motivating one day isn’t necessarily the same thing that will make you happy the next. And it’s different for every person, which is why the temptation to compare and compete isn’t always productive. (Thanks social media for making it even harder to resist comparison.)

Goal: More Slow Mornings

I really started thinking about this again during a yoga class I had last week. The instructor started off by having us set an intention for the practice, framing it as possibly an intention that we may have set for 2017 as a whole. Which made me start thinking: what WAS my intention for 2017? And to get a little contradictory to the whole “ever-changing flow” bit, for 2017, I’d really just like to feel settled. Just for once, for a little while, I’d like to feel like I’m in a routine, that I know what I’m doing, where there are challenges but they’re somewhat predictable challenges. The 30 minute sitcom type challenges vs. the ongoing horribly stressful Breaking Bad type challenges. Over the past 5 years I’ve been pushing and pushing and stretching and trying new things and reaching and thinking so much about setting myself up for the future that I’ve never really felt like I’ve gotten to sit back and enjoy everything I’ve achieved so far. And part of that is because, like I said, ever since I was a little kid I’ve always liked being busy. I’ve more than a few times asked myself why I continually find myself diving head first into uncomfortable challenges. But this year I want to feel what it feels like to be settled. Comfortable. In a routine. Maybe this desire for chaos and challenge is what really makes me happy, but that’s something I’d like to find out through, frankly, maybe being kind of bored for a while. Right now I’m pretty sure I still have enough challenges and projects in my daily life to feel engaged and mentally stimulated, but not so many where I feel overwhelmed and like I need to work 16 hours per day. I like that. It feels nice. And just for once, I’d like to settle into something that feels nice. I want to know what it’s like to be truly present in how things are now, instead of always looking towards what they could be in the future.

So for now, for this year, I’m going to be settling. In a good way. Settling into my current workstreams. Getting comfortable in my regular workout schedule. Finding peace in the routine of cooking dinner every night. Knowing that chaos and busyness do not make me a better, more successful person (note that I even started this post by saying how busy I’ve been; an interesting read on that here from the Wash Post). Maybe I’ll get bored and feel unfulfilled, who knows. But for now I’m going to listen to that intuition that is telling me to settle. To sit still. To just be.

2016: Good, Better, Best

Today, as I sit here on the first day of 2016, I’ve been thinking a lot about the past. I started this blog a little over two years ago as a way to bring some joy back into my life after the most challenging year of my life thus far (thanks, 2013). I was stuck in what I perceived as personal and professional failures – which reflected with the gift of perspective turned out to be incredible learning lessons – and I needed a way to get myself out of that funk.

Izabel Goulart
The abs I never achieved from last year. (via Izabel Goulart’s Instagram)

In my 2014 resolutions post, aside from talking about my obvious love for goal setting, I said that, “The new year is the spark I needed to relight the fire within, the passion for life that 2013 stomped out just a bit.” I was clearly at a low, searching for a way to pull myself up and get back on track. My resolutions: Be Happier. Be Healthier. Be More Chic. I made it okay to invest in myself and to admit that I wasn’t happy. That the Facebook-ified version of me wasn’t quite my reality. I went back to my core values and found that with a little effort, I could overcome the sorrow of my circumstances and create my own happiness.

In last year’s resolutions post, I was clearly back on the right track, but still didn’t feel like I fully hit my stride. I was itching to keep pushing forward. My resolutions: Live in the Moment. Get Fit. Get Hobby-ing. Like Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, I’d finally met my baseline requirements for feeling like a productive, loved human being and was ready to take my self-actualization to the next level. In my quest for happiness I moved from escaping depression to appreciating my blessings. For my health, I moved from healing sickness to improving aesthetics. And as for general self-improvement, I went from the make-over show like basics of wardrobe enhancements to Renaissance (wo)man like skills enhancements. I think maybe that means I’m growing up!

So where does that leave me for this year?

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Happy Thanksgiving!

If there are two things my family loves, it is eating and finding ways to be grateful, so clearly Thanksgiving is one of our favorite days of the year! Aside from spending hours chowing down on the feast that my dad spends 3-4 days cooking, we also like to decompress with each other over TV specials, like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, National Dog Show, football, and as kids (mostly…), cartoons.

One of the specials I VIVIDLY remember from my childhood was the above cartoon in which two kids shrink down to mouse size, hangout with dancing food, and then battle a yeast monster. I’ve been searching for it for years and finally found it! It is more depressing now that I’m older and understand what it means for the two children to be living through the Great Depression… but that’s just another reason to be grateful for what we all have, right?


Lessons Learned in Two Months at Levo

Team Levo Card

Life is funny. About five years ago when I was still in college, I heard a friend talking about a new startup aimed at providing much needed career resources for young professional women. I was just experiencing life in the corporate world and for the first time started having experiences that made me realize, despite my confidence and aptitude, I wasn’t necessarily at the top of the food chain. Time went on, and her company continued to iterate and grow, eventually becoming what today is known as Levo. I dabbled in working for myself, working for others, working for a non-profit, working for a for-profit, working for a large, internationally known corporation, and working for a small, Colorado-based mom and pop shop. But no matter where I was working or what role I was in, my involvement in Levo that started back in college had made an impact on me, and I in turn made an effort to continually engage in women’s issues at work. I went from making mentorship an important part of my job as a small business owner to starting the Women’s Employee Resource Group at the US Olympic Committee to becoming the founding Leader of Local Levo Denver.

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Camping at Sugarloaf Mountain

Surprisingly, Josh and I had never actually been camping together in the 10+ years we have been together. So this weekend, with the amazingly beautiful weather and (also surprisingly) free schedules, we finally decided to plan something. After asking friends and doing some research, we decided to head up to Sugarloaf Mountain outside of Boulder at the suggestion of this blog. Both Josh and I were wanting some nature time, but since we’ve been pretty worn out from work and life in general, we both wanted something close-ish to Denver where we could drive to the site, setup camp, and then just chill with a little hiking and a lot of eating around a campfire.

The verdict for this spot? Highly recommended. For some reason my phone decided to delete a few of my pictures, but here’s what I was able to salvage!

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See My Profile on Levo League’s Front & Center

In case you haven’t heard, the traditional resume is dead. As we millennials continue to flood the workforce with experience that is more diverse and unique than ever before, it becomes increasingly important that we be able to share who we truly are as team members instead of simply laundry lists of accomplishments and responsibilities. Enter the Levo League “Best Profile Ever.” As Levo co-founder Caroline Ghosn said,

“When you take this concept of a profile and remove the space and content limitation that society has around a resume, it gives you some breathing room… And all of a sudden, you can dimensionalize who you are as a person.”

I was personally excited about this new feature because I have a very unique job history. From fashion intern to restaurateur, from sports jack-of-all-trades to higher education program manager, I’ve been involved in a wide range of industries and job functions with titles that do not describe what I “did.” Because of this, it is often difficult for me to convey who I am to employers. One time I even flat out had a hiring manager hesitantly say, “So… what do you… do?” And it was hard for even me to describe! But with the new Levo profiles, I have had a much easier time telling my story in an engaging, complete way.

And today my profile happens to be featured on Levo’s Front & Center! I encourage you to take a look at how I and so many other people have utilized this new feature and to create your own profile. You might just be surprised how much more dynamic you look – even to yourself!


Hola from Ixtapa

Sometimes you just need to step back and do nothing. When that time corresponds with your honeymoon, life is good.

Lounging by our own private plunge pool.

I’ll post a review of our resort when I return, but in the meantime here are a few snaps from paradise. 

A very generous and unexpected gift from Josh’s coworkers.

Flower petals on the bed upon arrival.
Our complementary afternoon treat of tequila.