My Life as E (And an Unexpected Videographer)

Often people ask me what I do for a living, and it’s not always easy to explain. Right now, I’m helping my sister to navigate all aspects of her career. (If you’ve seen Entourage, I’m basically the sports equivalent of E.) I help her through her decision making process like a business coach, keep track of partnerships and finances like a manager, coordinate travel and scheduling like a personal assistant, monitor deadline execution and flow like a project manager, and analyze social media analytics like a marketer (among many other things). Plus, on top of all that, I get to work with and learn from Paige’s incredible agent, Jeremy Aisenberg, and his team at Octagon (oh hey Ohan, Nicole, Alyssa, and Katie). Their experience in cultivating strategic partnerships and closing meaningful deals is second to none, and I am so grateful Paige chose to put her future in their hands.

But perhaps my favorite and most unexpected job responsibility has become videographer. Thanks to my trusty Nikon D3300, experience hustling as a content creator at startups/nonprofits, plus my highly developed skill of casually lurking in the background (can you lurk and not be a creep?), turns out I’m the perfect person to catch candid footage.

Check out Team Paige’s most recent video below from our trip to South Korea last October!

(Music by the incredible Joshua T Mitchell – thank you!)


Lessons Learned in Two Months at Levo

Team Levo Card

Life is funny. About five years ago when I was still in college, I heard a friend talking about a new startup aimed at providing much needed career resources for young professional women. I was just experiencing life in the corporate world and for the first time started having experiences that made me realize, despite my confidence and aptitude, I wasn’t necessarily at the top of the food chain. Time went on, and her company continued to iterate and grow, eventually becoming what today is known as Levo. I dabbled in working for myself, working for others, working for a non-profit, working for a for-profit, working for a large, internationally known corporation, and working for a small, Colorado-based mom and pop shop. But no matter where I was working or what role I was in, my involvement in Levo that started back in college had made an impact on me, and I in turn made an effort to continually engage in women’s issues at work. I went from making mentorship an important part of my job as a small business owner to starting the Women’s Employee Resource Group at the US Olympic Committee to becoming the founding Leader of Local Levo Denver.

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Defining Your Personal Values: Increasing Your Happiness Through Introspection

A lot of the work I’ve done over the years has been in strategy, and good strategy starts with values. From my own small business to large global organizations, from blossoming startups to academic institutions, I’ve seen how having (and not having) well defined values affects decisions and outcomes. If explicitly stating values is so important to the running of a well-oiled corporate machine, why aren’t they more important to the running of our own daily lives?


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Power Words: What They Are & How to Use Them

Once upon a time I thought I wanted to kick booty professionally. I was frequently attending taekwondo training camps at the Olympic Training Center and spent the vast majority of my time living with the intention of becoming a world-class fighter. Outside of the physical training, this also involved intense mental training. Although important in any sport, being mentally tough is especially critical in taekwondo since there is a high risk for pain (and by high risk I mean like a 99.99% chance of getting a bump, bruise, or at worst a good bell ringing).

My favorite sports psychology tactic that I still use today is the idea of power words. This is essentially a very short affirmation – a word that invokes a certain feeling that you can harness and propel yourself even further towards your desired mindset. This word is meant to be used to quickly snap you out of the “Oh s*!% that girl is huge and yelling really loudly in my face I am definitely going to get knocked out” mindset into “I AM THE CHAMPION AND I WILL DESTROY YOU” mentality. Or, in a less combat sport-y example, if you’re a person who from time to time suffers from social anxiety like I do, it can shift your thinking from “Everyone is super cute and fun at this party and I have nothing to talk about and who’s going to even find me interesting” to “I’M BASICALLY BEYONCE LOOK AT HOW FABULOUS I AM LET’S ALL BE FRIENDS!”

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Local Levo Denver: Young Women in Sports Panel + Q&A

Tonight’s Local Levo Denver event is near and dear to my heart. If you are a woman who has worked in sports, you know that it can be quite the daunting task to find your way. Heck, even if you’re a man it’s difficult! So tonight, five outstanding young women who have found success in sports are sharing their stories and words of wisdom.

Young Women in Sports Social

Anna Miller

Colorado Rockies, Guest Services Supervisor

Kellie Sciacca

Denver Broncos, Partnership Activation and Services Coordinator

Janine DiSalvatore

U.S. Olympic Committee, Associate Director of Aquatics & Venues

Josi Carlson

University of Colorado Athletic Department, Director of Special Events

Angie Vermillion

Greenhouse Scholars, Director of Events and Operations

If you’ve been considering a career in sports, currently work in the industry and want to advance, or even just want to meet a killer group of talented young women, then meet us tonight at the Tavern Downtown at 6:30pm for some time to mingle before the panel and Q&A start at 7pm. You are sure to not only leave with great information from our panelists, but also expect to make some awesome new contacts as well!

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Defining YOUR Success, Part II

So now that I’ve adequately vented and ranted about the plights of our generation (also, this Time article partially about how Taylor Swift’s success is bad for millennials is interesting), it’s time to DO something about it! If part of the problem is defining what success means for each person as an individual, I guess it’s time to actually look at how to do that defining.

Taylor Swift via Time Magazine

I was emailing with my boss (B.S. from Stanford, MBA from Wharton – very smart, very business savvy) and she had a wonderful response to my boat analogy.

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Defining YOUR Success, Part I

Recently I’ve felt like I’ve been in the middle of a quarter-life crisis – which is particularly frustrating because I have a wonderful family, I enjoy my job, and I’m working on some exciting side projects. But despite all of the blessings in my life, I can’t seem to shake the feeling that something is missing. That I’m not on the right path or that I’m forgetting something. But is that really the problem? Am I really missing some fundamental experience that my peers are getting that if I had it would accelerate me to “success?”

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Three Tips for Working the Room at Networking Events

I sometimes think I might just be an extroverted introvert – I absolutely love meeting new people, networking, and connecting others, but sometimes I get nervous striking up the first conversation in a large room of unknown people. Since I’ve been in a variety of positions throughout my career that have required extensive conference-going and community event-attending, I feel like I’ve been able to pick up a few tips and tricks from the networking veterans to help me work the room.

Me in the red dress networking it up at the 2013 Sports Business Journal Game Changers Conference in New York.
Me in the red dress networking it up at the 2013 Sports Business Journal Game Changers Conference.

Here are the top three tips I’ve received for working the room at networking events!

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Read Me: Books for the #GirlBoss

You can be a girl, you can be a boss, but sometimes it’s a little tough to be a girl AND a boss. Despite the fact that this Business Insider article finds women to be more effective leaders than men (see graph below), it also finds that only 3-4% of women worldwide are CEOs and that women typically say:

“In order to get the same recognition and rewards, I need to do twice as much, never make a mistake and constantly demonstrate my competence.”

Gender Effectiveness

There are countless articles and studies that point to the fact that women typically have to work harder and overcome more obstacles to reach the same points that their male counterparts do. As a young woman climbing the corporate ladder myself, I do feel like I often face these biases regularly – and have actually be called “just a girl” more than once – which has led me to do quite a bit of reading on the topic. Not only have I picked up a ridiculous amount of information from these books, but it’s also quite motivating to hear about these women and their journey to the top.

In no particular order, here are my favorite books to help overcome the odds and become a #GIRLBOSS….

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How to Enjoy Lots of Business Travel

After the conclusion of the Olympics I started a new job at a sports software company called fuseSPORT. And while I generally enjoy traveling, I was gone for 13 out of my first 23 days on the job – it’s very hectic due to the fact that I was also still completing my training and working my day to day on top of being in conference and event mode!

Life Goal: Look at glamorous as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at the airport.

My new boss and I (after knowing each other for a week) spent 10 days pretty much joined at the hip, followed by a brief break and then another 3 days on the road again. It could have been a disastrous experience but instead turned out to be quite wonderful!

There are three things I realized that made a huge difference in having a positive business trip experience: unpacking completely at each stop, making time to be a tourist, and indulging in the festivities but still keeping everything under control.

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