ClassPass Review: Club Pilates Denver

Last night at 1am when I couldn’t sleep, I have to admit I wasn’t looking forward to getting up at 8am for my workout – especially since it was my first time going to Club Pilates and my first reformer class in a LONG time. The thought of my iPhone nudging me awake, pulling on yoga pants, and venturing to find a new studio wasn’t appealing, but ClassPass’ unexpected benefit is that you can’t cancel within 24 hours without paying a $20 fee. Bad for when you have an emergency come up, but really good for getting your lazy bum out of bed and into a workout.

Anyway, finding the studio was only mildly difficult. Once I got to Cherry Creek, there was a big sign with “Club Pilates” written on it indicating I had to go to the “Garden Level.” Everything in Cherry Creek is just fancier.


After a venturing down the stairs and winding a little bit through the various other shops and salons, I relatively easily found my way to the very pleasant, Mediterranean feeling Club Pilates studio.

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