Weekly Reads Roundup (3.11.17)

From the best jeans for women to Denver’s hottest coffee shops (said in my best Stefon voice), here’s what I was reading this past week!

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 4.34.44 PM
Amethyst Coffee Co (via Zagat)

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ClassPass Review: Hot Mamas

Yes, at first I was apprehensive to go to a studio called “Hot Mamas.” Was it one of those places where moms bring their kids to class? What exactly was “Sexy Sweat?” Would a place with a class called “Skinny Jeans” really be that challenging? I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but after a glowing review from one of my friends, I decided to give it a try.

And let me tell you, yes there is childcare, and yes there are some – and sometimes lots of- mamas, but this is NOT your typical “mom” workout. These classes are HARD! My first hint really should have been that their website literally says, “If you’re looking for easy, you’re at the wrong place.” I can get through most classes at most studios without taking any extra breaks, and a lot of times even do the more advanced modifications, but I have yet to get through a class at Hot Mamas without stopping in one way or another. (Don’t let that scare you though! There are people of all fitness levels in every class. It is a very welcoming studio!)

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ClassPass Review: Fierce45 Denver

I went into Fierce45 expecting a tough, but relaxing Pilates Reformer class and came out feeling like a drill sergeant made me squat for an hour then injected me with glittery happy juice. While I’m not sure exactly what that means, it’s the only way to describe the endorphin rush and shakey muscles that I felt while leaving the studio.

Megaformers at Fierce45

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Know Your Worth: #Ask4More w/ Kasey Hurlbutt & Local Levo Denver

In case you didn’t know, April 14th is Equal Pay Day, the date signifying how far into 2015 women need to work in order to earn as much as their male counterparts did in 2014. And what’s the best way to combat this pay discrepancy? Negotiation! Which is why I’m SO excited to announce our next big Local Levo Denver event…

Know Your Worth: #Ask4More w/ Kasey Hurlbutt

Kasey is an engineer-turned-marketer (plus a darn good yoga instructor) who has incredible experience in negotiation. In the workshop, she’ll help you learn to:
– Develop your negotiation skills
– Ask the right questions in your job offer
– Request more responsibility on the job
– Handle yourself during a dreaded conversation about a raise

Join us at 6pm for networking and mingling over light refreshments before the workshop begins at 6:30pm.

Get your tickets here before they’re all gone!

Local Levo Denver: Young Women in Sports Panel + Q&A

Tonight’s Local Levo Denver event is near and dear to my heart. If you are a woman who has worked in sports, you know that it can be quite the daunting task to find your way. Heck, even if you’re a man it’s difficult! So tonight, five outstanding young women who have found success in sports are sharing their stories and words of wisdom.

Young Women in Sports Social

Anna Miller

Colorado Rockies, Guest Services Supervisor

Kellie Sciacca

Denver Broncos, Partnership Activation and Services Coordinator

Janine DiSalvatore

U.S. Olympic Committee, Associate Director of Aquatics & Venues

Josi Carlson

University of Colorado Athletic Department, Director of Special Events

Angie Vermillion

Greenhouse Scholars, Director of Events and Operations

If you’ve been considering a career in sports, currently work in the industry and want to advance, or even just want to meet a killer group of talented young women, then meet us tonight at the Tavern Downtown at 6:30pm for some time to mingle before the panel and Q&A start at 7pm. You are sure to not only leave with great information from our panelists, but also expect to make some awesome new contacts as well!

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Whiskey & Wishlists Valentine’s Gift Fair

Believe it or not, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! I’ve never been one for the super traditional red and pink hearts and chocolate, so I’m really digging this awesome sounding event hosted by Denver Style Magazine: Whiskey & Wishlists!

Whiskey & WishlistsThis free event features Stritch Boutique, local jewelry designer Abby Spark, custom men’s clothier Ratio Clothing, floral designer Fleur Decor, and more.

  • WhenJanuary 27th, from 5 pm to 8 pm
  • Where: Stritch located at 3326 Tejon St in LoHi
With special discounts through Stritch, gift wrapping, featured local vendors including a florist to schedule your bouquet delivery, and a concierge to take care of dinner reservations, I can’t really think of a better place to get our romantic on. Now I just need to decide if I’m going to go and treat myself or let Josh surprise me…

ClassPass Review: PUSH Fitness

A girl in my recent PUSH Fitness class said that she had already used up all three sessions at the studio – it was her first week with ClassPass. That’s how addictive these classes are!

PUSH Fitness

Caveat: that’s how addictive these classes are if you like a good, hard, sweaty workout. If you’re feeling a bit worn out or don’t want to mess up your blowout, you may want to rethink going to PUSH. However, if you’re looking for a high-energy class that is going to push you (hence the name), this is the place for you.

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ClassPass Review: Pure Barre Highlands

First, the good news: ClassPass has already proven to be amazing and I can barely move without feeling a sore muscle after my Pure Barre class (yes, that’s a good thing). Thank you to ClassPass for providing me with a month of their amazing service! I couldn’t be more thrilled that they have finally launched in Denver and that I’ll be able to hit up all those hot spots I’ve been dying to try.

And the bad news: the cozy mood lighting at Pure Barre is great for working out, but bad for taking iPhone pictures. Lesson learned, bring a real camera next time. Hopefully you’ll still get the point.

On to the real review! My first ClassPass class was the barre class at Pure Barre Highlands. I’ve actually been to this Pure Barre location once before for one of our Local Levo Denver “NetWorkout” events – which is lucky because the traffic was pretty bad and the entrance is a little tricky to find. If you’re heading there for the first time, you have to go around to the back of the building into the alley, behind Little White Dress. There is a sign that points you in the right direction, but the first time I didn’t walk far enough into the alley to actually see the entrance (below).

TIP: When you see the Pure Barre sign on the brick wall of the building, keep walking down the alley looking to your right! I promise you will see the door eventually.

Pure Barre Highlands Entrance
The entrance to Pure Barre.

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