February Travel + The Best Gift Ever (HINT: It’s a Pressure Cooker)

I started writing this post by talking about how February has been the first month in a long time where I haven’t traveled – but then I realized that’s definitely not true. I guess that’s what happens when having a whole month between trips seems like an eternity! Josh and I spent a week in Arizona with my family for the Waste Management Phoenix Open (Not familiar? See here, here, and here.) followed by three days in San Francisco for one of my best friend’s engagement party at The Commissary in the Presidio (AMAZING FOOD AND COCKTAILS) followed by an afterparty at the SF Athletic Club (BATHTUB OF BEER).

And while we had an amazing time on vacation, there’s one thing I received recently that, dare I say it, rivals the trip in terms of my enjoyment… and that thing… is… A PRESSURE COOKER! Yes, a pressure cooker, or more accurately a “Fagor Lux Multicooker” that my dad loves so much that he and my mom bought me one for Valentine’s Day (thanks $99 + free shipping Sur La Table sale!). I’ve used it almost every day since, and sometimes twice a day…


I mean come on, you can cook risotto in 7min without any stirring?! Plus, soon after I got it, GOOP sent out an email that said I just HAD to have this exact same model of multicooker, so now I’m basically Gwyneth Paltrow…

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Fitness Philosophies: On Protein, You Doing You, & Workout Motivation a la Taylor Swift

I don’t know about you, but I keep seeing Eat The Bear, a physique, fitness, and crossfit lifestyle supplement company, everywhere on the internet. Even though crossfit/Olympic lifting isn’t in my current workout repertoire thanks to years and years of countless squats and cleans, my fitness/health/wellness loving self must be right in their target audience. (Side note: has anyone tried their products? I’m very curious…)

Taylor Swift Workoit
What do Taylor Swift’s and my workout routines have in common? Read on to find out!

Seeing articles from ETB on different workouts, smoothie recipes, and proper nutrition got me thinking about my own workout routines and the questions I’m asked most frequently as a former DI Track & Field athlete with a family full of high performing athletes (golf, tennis, football, ballet, etc). Namely, how do I fuel myself and how do I stay motivated, both in the long-term (working out regularly) and in the short-term (during a workout)?

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Drool-Worthy Grub Street Diets

Today I somehow came across Leandra Medine’s Grub Street Diet (she’s the magical woman behind Man Repeller) – I honestly have no idea what I was doing or how I found it again – and I was reminded of how interesting it is to see how different people chow down. One, I can pretend that I too can eat out three times per week in New York at fancy restaurants, and two, since that’s just not going to happen, I can at least get ideas for mixing up what I’m cooking at home!

“I stopped at the Butcher’s Daughter for an egg-and-vegan-cashew-cheese sandwich with guacamole and roasted potatoes.”

I also tend to like the ones that the commenters find “boring” because they’re too healthy since that’s how I try to eat. Moderation people! Anyway, without further ado, here are a few of my other favorite Grub Street Diets.

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Ridiculously Simple and Delicious German Pasta Salad Recipe

For my wedding I received an amazing book of recipes collected from my friends and family (thanks for putting that together, Krista!) and have been super excited to sort through all of the deliciousness. This past weekend for Father’s Day my dad and uncle smoked ribs and I just knew that I needed to bring Krista’s “Nudelsalat” (German Pasta Salad – she’s German). Not only was it so easy to make, but it was also so easy to make gluten and dairy-free for my allergic family members! Despite rushing around and only taking two crappy ingredient pictures, I promise that this is a delicious recipe.

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What They Ate Wednesday: Daily Diets of Ballerinas, Victoria’s Secret Models, and Instagram Stars

National Ballet of Canada Dancers via The Coveteur
National Ballet of Canada Dancers via The Coveteur

With wedding festivities now behind me (pictures soon!) and a Mexican honeymoon less than a month away, it’s time to get back to my normal, healthy routine. But if you’ve ever completely let yourself indulge, no holds barred, you know that this can sometimes be harder said than done. If you’re itching to get back into the clean eating saddle like I am (the hot fudge calzone last night was definitely not that), here’s some fitspiration from some serious healthy living role models…

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The Alkaline/pH Diet

Last year when my mom was in town she was reading The pH Miracle and asked me if I would eat an alkaline diet with her. Since she also offered to prepare all of our food and I was already familiar with the concept from Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Diet (see her video on being pH-abulous below) of course I agreed!

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Sugar Addiction & Artificial Sweeteners

Day three of #TGPE (The Gwyneth Paltrow Experiment) and going strong! Except for one little thing: artificial sweetener.

Today while arranging lunch for a special guest speaker we had in the office, I decided to pick up a Diet Coke. I’m not much of a soda drinker and I pretty much exclusively use stevia at home, so I’m not really sure why I grabbed it. While sipping from the can two things dawned on me: one, is this GP-approved? And two, did I make this decision subconsciously because I’m still addicted to sugar? Some research was needed.


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Healthy Holidays: Article Round Up

Every year I make myself sick on candy on Halloween, and every year I swear that I’m going on a health kick until Thanksgiving. And it never happens. But not this year! I’m DETERMINED to stay healthy through the holidays and have embarked on a 5 week journey to clean out my system (minus Thanksgiving, of course), fit back into my skinniest jeans, and get back into a rhythm (10pm bed time, here I come).

To kick everything off, here’s some of my favorite health articles of late!

Almond milk versus soy? Vodka soda or agave margarita? The girls from Sakara Life break it all down.

1. The Easiest Healthy Living Swaps Ever via The Coveteur. I seriously ask myself the majority of these questions every time I go to the grocery store. The “Almond Milk vs. Soy Milk vs. Non-Fat Milk” debate is always particularly confusing…

More great reads after the jump!

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Basic Kneads Pizza

Whoa – September FLEW by! How did that happen? Between my new job, Josh’s crazy startup life, two Red Rocks concerts, and a visit from a college buddy, I’ve barely had time to relax, let alone blog. But that’s no excuse! I’m back on the blogging wagon.

First up for October – our tasting of Basic Kneads Pizza! We’re getting married at this super hip recently refurbished theater in Highlands called the Holiday Event Center, and to go with our slightly non-traditional venue we’ve decided to go with a food truck for our catering! Over the weekend we headed out to Station 26 Brewing Co. (congrats to S26BC on winning Bronze at the Great American Beer Festival this weekend for their Colorado Cream brew – which we picked up a growler of – also make sure to try the Sweet Potato Pie Porter) and hit up one of Basic Kneads’ four trucks/trailers.

Basic Kneads Pizza Truck
Basic Kneads Truck at Station 26 Brewing Co.

The guys at the truck were super friendly, which is a huge plus when deciding if you want to have a particular caterer at your wedding. Josh and I knew that their laid-back, cool attitudes would be a perfect fit for the venue. But was the pizza good?

Click through to find out!

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