How to Enjoy Lots of Business Travel

After the conclusion of the Olympics I started a new job at a sports software company called fuseSPORT. And while I generally enjoy traveling, I was gone for 13 out of my first 23 days on the job – it’s very hectic due to the fact that I was also still completing my training and working my day to day on top of being in conference and event mode!

Life Goal: Look at glamorous as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at the airport.

My new boss and I (after knowing each other for a week) spent 10 days pretty much joined at the hip, followed by a brief break and then another 3 days on the road again. It could have been a disastrous experience but instead turned out to be quite wonderful!

There are three things I realized that made a huge difference in having a positive business trip experience: unpacking completely at each stop, making time to be a tourist, and indulging in the festivities but still keeping everything under control.

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