Classpass Review: Pilates Evolution

Before I even knew calling Lagree Method workouts “Pilates on crack” was a thing, I referred to it as “Pilates on crack.” Why? Because it’s honestly the best way to describe the torturous 40-45min sessions of burning, shaking, and praying oh-please-make-this-stop. But I’m saying that… in a good way? I love a good challenge and have seen the best results in the shortest period of time from Lagree classes. So maybe describing the workout as torturous is a perfect example of the type of person who will like this class. But on the other hand, maybe not, because we all have our own perception of what “torturous”means and where we are willing to push our bodies on any given day; that malleable level of torture is one of the best things about Pilates Evolution. (Don’t know what Lagree is? Read more about it in my review of Fierce45 from a while back.)


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ClassPass Review: Hot Mamas

Yes, at first I was apprehensive to go to a studio called “Hot Mamas.” Was it one of those places where moms bring their kids to class? What exactly was “Sexy Sweat?” Would a place with a class called “Skinny Jeans” really be that challenging? I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but after a glowing review from one of my friends, I decided to give it a try.

And let me tell you, yes there is childcare, and yes there are some – and sometimes lots of- mamas, but this is NOT your typical “mom” workout. These classes are HARD! My first hint really should have been that their website literally says, “If you’re looking for easy, you’re at the wrong place.” I can get through most classes at most studios without taking any extra breaks, and a lot of times even do the more advanced modifications, but I have yet to get through a class at Hot Mamas without stopping in one way or another. (Don’t let that scare you though! There are people of all fitness levels in every class. It is a very welcoming studio!)

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Wedding Makeup Consultation at Sephora

As my wedding continues to creep up on me (Two weeks! Surprise!) I’ve been slowly but surely checking items off my to-do list. This weekend I went with my mom for my first ever Sephora makeup consultation! My bridesmaids and I will be doing our own makeup, and while I’m very comfortable with my typical routine, I wanted to chat with a professional about recommendations for my bridal look.

The final product! Read on for details.

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Gwyneth Paltrow Five Day Diet/Cleanse Review

Well, I did it! I (semi) successfully finished Gwyneth Paltrow’s movie star get-fit-quick plan.

Green Tea
My favorite green tea that I woke up to each morning.

I will say before I do my review that I had a small bowl of ice cream on Saturday – partially because I, believe it or not, forgot I was “cleansing” and partially because when I remembered I just really wanted ice cream – plus instead of either kombucha OR nuts, I ate both in the afternoon, and I added 1/2 a banana to my smoothie in the morning so I was eating a few more calories. I also didn’t make the soup because quite frankly I made it once before and remembered not loving it, so I substituted a low-carb dinner of any kind that fit within a 300-500 calorie range. For exercise I couldn’t get to a Zumba and barre class every day, so instead I made sure to do 45min of any cardio and some sort of barre-like toning exercises. This included doing spinning, running, yoga, and my own variations of leg lifts.

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ClassPass Review: Epic Ryde

Epic Ryde is definitely a different sort of cycling studio. Its Real Ryders (they tilt like real bikes) and “stadium seating” help you to focus in on your personal performance, one, because you’re not worried about who’s face your booty is in, and two, because you’re trying not to fall off the Real Ryder on the turns! Apparently these bikes allow you to burn up to 20% more calories – and it definitely feels like it (in a good way).

Stadium Seating at Epic Ryde

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ClassPass Review: PUSH Fitness

A girl in my recent PUSH Fitness class said that she had already used up all three sessions at the studio – it was her first week with ClassPass. That’s how addictive these classes are!

PUSH Fitness

Caveat: that’s how addictive these classes are if you like a good, hard, sweaty workout. If you’re feeling a bit worn out or don’t want to mess up your blowout, you may want to rethink going to PUSH. However, if you’re looking for a high-energy class that is going to push you (hence the name), this is the place for you.

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ClassPass Review: Elixir Pilates

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Pilates is the top reason I got ClassPass and it has WAY been paying off. The specialized equipment and instructor training make classes pretty expensive (on average I see about $20-25 per single group session, $13-15 per group session if bought in a package, and $60-80 for an individual session) and it’s not always an affordable fitness option, especially when you also want to do spinning, kickboxing, yoga… But with ClassPass, at $99/month, I’ve already gotten my money’s worth. I’ll have to do a breakdown of the costs one of these days…

Anyway, moral of the story is that Pilates is awesome and so are all the studios I’ve been to so far (check out my Club Pilates review here). It’s been SO quiet at work that I scheduled a lunch time reformer class at Elixir Pilates yesterday afternoon to help break up the day. Since it is an off time, it was just me and one other regular taking class from the owner, Kathryn. Normally a duet session is $35, which is more than 1/3 of my total monthly ClassPass cost, so I was already feeling pretty good about my situation!


Elixir Pilates was fortunately one of the easier studios to find. One, it was day time, and two, it didn’t involve walking through any alleyways like a lot of the more urban studios (I love you, Pure Barre Highlands, but your entrance is confusing for first timers). The space was very clean, open, and inviting. It was boutique-y without feeling too small business (you know?) and had lots of natural light flooding through the large front windows.

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ClassPass Review: Club Pilates Denver

Last night at 1am when I couldn’t sleep, I have to admit I wasn’t looking forward to getting up at 8am for my workout – especially since it was my first time going to Club Pilates and my first reformer class in a LONG time. The thought of my iPhone nudging me awake, pulling on yoga pants, and venturing to find a new studio wasn’t appealing, but ClassPass’ unexpected benefit is that you can’t cancel within 24 hours without paying a $20 fee. Bad for when you have an emergency come up, but really good for getting your lazy bum out of bed and into a workout.

Anyway, finding the studio was only mildly difficult. Once I got to Cherry Creek, there was a big sign with “Club Pilates” written on it indicating I had to go to the “Garden Level.” Everything in Cherry Creek is just fancier.


After a venturing down the stairs and winding a little bit through the various other shops and salons, I relatively easily found my way to the very pleasant, Mediterranean feeling Club Pilates studio.

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ClassPass Review: Pure Barre Highlands

First, the good news: ClassPass has already proven to be amazing and I can barely move without feeling a sore muscle after my Pure Barre class (yes, that’s a good thing). Thank you to ClassPass for providing me with a month of their amazing service! I couldn’t be more thrilled that they have finally launched in Denver and that I’ll be able to hit up all those hot spots I’ve been dying to try.

And the bad news: the cozy mood lighting at Pure Barre is great for working out, but bad for taking iPhone pictures. Lesson learned, bring a real camera next time. Hopefully you’ll still get the point.

On to the real review! My first ClassPass class was the barre class at Pure Barre Highlands. I’ve actually been to this Pure Barre location once before for one of our Local Levo Denver “NetWorkout” events – which is lucky because the traffic was pretty bad and the entrance is a little tricky to find. If you’re heading there for the first time, you have to go around to the back of the building into the alley, behind Little White Dress. There is a sign that points you in the right direction, but the first time I didn’t walk far enough into the alley to actually see the entrance (below).

TIP: When you see the Pure Barre sign on the brick wall of the building, keep walking down the alley looking to your right! I promise you will see the door eventually.

Pure Barre Highlands Entrance
The entrance to Pure Barre.

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